LAUNCH Program Statements

Updated on 5/8/2020:
Undergraduate Studies is requesting information through a Qualtrics form to facilitate an approval process for students who need to complete in-person research to meet requirements for degree plans or for transformational learning programs. Please note the following:
  • Eligibility: Only students who are required to complete undergraduate research in summer 2020 to fulfill requirements for their degree or a transformational education program (e.g. Undergraduate Research Scholars). Students who are not required to complete research projects or who can defer research to a future term are not eligible.
  • Remote Research: This form is required only for students who need to conduct their research in an in-person format. Those who have projects that can be completed remotely do not require approval.
  • College Policies: Some colleges have established policies forbidding in-person undergraduate research for summer 2020. This approval process does NOT supersede any college policies regarding summer undergraduate research. Please distribute the link to others in your college as you feel most appropriate.
Link to Undergraduate Research Request Form:

Updated on 5/5/2020:
Students who are required to complete undergraduate research as part of their degree plans for graduation should seek guidance from their departments and colleges regarding interruptions due to the COVID-19 pandemic.