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About Capstones

A capstone is a culminating experience that allows a student to bring the learning and experience of their undergraduate education together to address an issue or question that interests them. While capstone experiences are required for Honors Students, any undergraduate at Texas A&M may apply to these programs. A non-Honors student may earn an Honors distinction by completing the Undergraduate Research Scholars Program!

The purpose of a capstone is to demonstrate mastery of an academic discipline, so Honors Students must complete a capstone in their discipline to satisfy distinction requirements. We encourage all students to pursue avocational interests for personal development.

To meet Honors requirements, a capstone should:
  •     Have a proposal process that demonstrates synthesis of the background and theory of the field,
  •     Enroll in the UGST 497 course designated to the specific capstone program
  •     Require periodic reflection on the learning taking place,
  •     Result in a scholarly product appropriate for the field,
  •     Include a public presentation (n.b. if a departmental capstone is used, the public presentation must be someplace more public than the class for which the project was completed), and
  •     Be completed under the guidance of a faculty mentor.
Students should consult with a University Honors Program advisor in the planning stages to seek approval for their capstone experience. Currently, Honors Students can select from the following capstone options to complete distinction requirements: