Performance Scholars Capstones

The Undergraduate Performance Scholar Capstone is a two-semester program that allows students to discover the impact of art in their life through a project that unites the specific discipline and their education experience at Texas A&M.

Overview: The Undergraduate Performance Scholar Capstone is a two-semester program in which students will highlight the importance of art in their lives on campus, and throughout their professional careers. Students will identify a mentor in the academic or local community who excels in a similar artistic discipline, and submit a proposal and a timeline of activities by the early fall or spring semester. In addition to a proposal and timeline, an example of the student’s work or performance in any media form is also required. Throughout the semester, students will also complete weekly reflections. In the final semester, the student will create a public presentation that will display their passion for art and their learning experience at Texas A&M.

Mission: To enhance the student’s academic experience through artistic expression and explore the benefits of the arts at Texas A&M University.
Qualifications: To be eligible for the UPS Capstone, the student should have earned a cumulative GPR of 3.0 or better at Texas A&M University and must identify a passion for performing arts. Proposals must be approved by a professional in the field of art and LAUNCH personnel. The artistic professional must be willing to serve as an advisor to the student. (A sample of work: images, videos, portfolio will be required.)

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