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Undergraduate Performance Scholars

The Undergraduate Performance Scholar Capstone is a two-semester program that allows students to explore the impact that art has had on their academic career at Texas A&M. Students will create a project that unites their specific discipline and their educational experience.

Learning Objectives
After completing The Undergraduate Performance Scholar Capstone, students will:
  • Effectively identify the importance of art in academia
  • Cultivate a deep understanding of their specific discipline
  • Enhance their academic experience through artistic expression
To be eligible for the Undergraduate Performance Scholar Capstone. The student must have:
  • A cumulative GPR of 3.0 or better
  • Identified a faculty advisor/mentor/expert in a field related to their specific discipline
  • A Proposal and Timeline (Proposal must be approved by the faculty advisor and LAUNCH)
  • A source of media (paintings, audition recordings, writing samples, etc.) that showcases the discipline on which the student will be basing their project
Undergraduate Performance Scholar candidates will submit a two-page proposal and a timeline of activities by early spring or fall with the approval of their faculty advisor/mentor. Successful candidates will be notified of their acceptance into the program by the end of the add/drop period of each semester.

After submitting the Proposal and Timeline, the Undergraduate Performance Scholar (UPS) will develop a project showcasing their artistic discipline and explore how art has impacted their college experience. In the first semester, the UPS will identify how they intend to showcase their art. In the second semester, the UPS will give a public presentation. The presentation may include, but is not limited to: recitals, dramatic interpretation, book readings, art exhibits, e-exhibits, etc. The UPS will also provide three written reflections per semester (six total) on the progress of their projects as well as any issues they have run into and their method for solving them. They will participate in any eCampus discussions pertaining to their experiences, provide both LAUNCH and their UPS advisor/mentor with a final write up of their program efforts.
The UPS advisor will be expected to ensure that the UPS is proposing an appropriate project, provide or obtain any necessary permissions, mentor the UPS with provide an end-of-the-semester assessment of the success of the project. The UPS Advisor will return the assessment of the student’s performance to capstones@tamu.edu.
A source of media (painting, audition recordings, writing samples, etc.) must be submitted in order to successfully complete your UPS application. All submissions should be submitted to capstones@tamu.edu.

This capstone may be completed from Fall to Spring or Spring to Fall.