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Undergraduate Service Scholars Application

Open application dates:
Monday, January 9, 2017 05:01 PM - Friday, September 01, 2017 11:59 PM


Welcome to the application for the Undergraduate Service Scholars Capstone program!  To apply to this program you will need to have earned a cumulative 3.0 GPR or better at Texas A&M and have established a relationship with a community agency or TAMU organization that does outreach or community service.  You will need a two page proposal of your project that has been approved by your community agency director or organization advisor.

You must submit a proposal detailing the service-learning project to be carried out over the course of the year and a timeline for the planning and implementation of your project.  LAUNCH will notify successful candidates of their acceptance into the program by Friday, September 1, the last day of the add/drop period.

Expectations:  As an Undergraduate Service Scholar, you will be responsible for

1. the conduct of your project with the oversight of your USS advisor (community agency or faculty mentor).  
2. attendance at the Volunteer Opportunities Fair sponsored by the MSC.

3. a one page observation assignment at the begining of the semester.

4. three one page reflections in response to writing prompts each semester.

5. a blog or public presentation about your project in the following semester.

6. provide a 5-10 page write-up of your program efforts and implementation along with any associated materials to your USS Advisor and LAUNCH: Capstones by December 6th. 

Email capstones@tamu.edu for more details on the program.

To find a community agency, go to http://aggieserve.tamu.edu


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