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Getting Involved in Honors

Getting involved with the Honors can take on many forms and mesh with many different times in your career, all of which can be extremely rewarding. 

Being "Honors Faculty" can mean many things. You can choose exciting and more time-intensive commitments such as teaching Honors courses or sections, mentoring students in Honors Course Contracts or Honors Independent Study experiences. At the other end of the spectrum you can choose satisfying but limited engagements like being invited to host a "Pizza & Profs" event, being a reviewer for Explorations, or even sitting in on National Fellowship or University Scholar selection committees. No matter how you get involved, Honors Faculty enjoy interacting with curious, motivated students who are eager to test their limits and expand their horizons.

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Teaching Honors Classes

Honors and Undergraduate Research is happy to provide guidance to faculty who are preparing to teach an Honors course. Furthermore, we offer supplemental funding to help sustain Honors course offerings in the future.

Mentoring Honors Students
The most rewarding experiences often occur outside of the classroom, whether as a University Scholars Faculty Mentor, as the guest speaker for a "Pizza & Profs" session, or as a research advisor through the Undergraduate Research Scholars program..

Receiving Teaching and Mentoring Awards
Honors and Undergraduate Research is proud of the excellence of our faculty members and therefore offers several awards for faculty members, including the Wells-Fargo Honors Faculty Mentor Award and the Honors Teacher-Scholar Award, among others.

Attending Honors Community Events
Honors and Undergraduate Research sponsors a number of events to bring together Honors faculty, students, and staff. Two key events include the annual Honors Faculty Social and, in partnership with Sigma Xi, the annual Faculty-Student Expo for STEM research.  Workshops for faculty are also periodically offered.

Serving on Advisory Committees
Every year, a number of our students apply for such prestigious awards as the Rhodes, Goldwater, and Truman Scholarship. Many of these awards require university endorsement, and students who are selected as finalists are often invited to interview. Honors and Undergraduate Research relies on the expertise and experience of our faculty members in both identifying and preparing these outstanding students.

By Participating in Honors at the National Level
Professional members of the National Collegiate Honors Council (NCHC) benefit from networking with other faculty teaching Honors around the country. Membership benefits include professional publications and the discounted registration at regional and national conferences.