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University Honors Distinction

The distinction for the University Honors Program is called "Honors Fellows." To earn Honors Fellows, you must remain in good standing in the program, complete at least 30 Honors points appropriately distributed, and complete a Capstone project.

A Snapshot of the Honors Fellows Curriculum

To receive the Honors Fellows distinction at graduation, Honors Students must:
  • Earn a total of 30 honors pointsEach credit hour of honors coursework equals 1 point. 21 points must come from courses distributed as follows:
    • Breadth: 9 hours in the Core Curriculum or ICD graduation requirement, as specified in the student’s catalog*
    • Depth: 12 hours in upper-division (300/400-level) courses or graduate courses taken for undergraduate credit
    • Practical Application: Complete an Honors Capstone experience. (Worth 6 points, whether taken for credit or not.) Be sure to register for UGST 497 each semester you're working on your capstone.
  • Additional honors points to bring the total to 30 points
  • Maintain 3.25 GPR in honors coursework and 3.5 GPR overall.
Honors Students are encouraged to meet with an Honors Advisor on a regular basis to ensure they are meeting program participation and distinction requirements. Please see below for a more extensive checklist of distinction requirements.
Honors Fellows Completion Guide

Maintain GPR (per semester)
    ❏ 3.5 Cumulative GPR
​    ❏ 3.25 GPR in honors courses
Earn 30 Honors Points
    ❏ Breadth: 9 hours in the Core Curriculum or ICD graduation requirement*
    ❏ Depth: 12 hours in Upper-division (300- or 400-level coursework, like MATH 308 or BICH 431)
    ❏ Practical Application: 6 points from your Capstone.**
    ❏ 3 additional points to bring the total to 30 (earned from any combination of honors coursework or Honors Experience points***)

*If needed, you can appeal to have another course count for this requirement. Appeal using this form.
**You should register for UGST 497 each semester you are engaged in your capstone. 
We encourage you to register for UGST 497 as zero-credit unless it can count for a degree requirement. You should follow your capstone mentor’s expectation with respect to research credit registration. Please be aware that you cannot double-dip on these points. If your mentor requires that you enroll in 3 hours of Honors 485 or 491 for your capstone work, this counts as your 6 points; if you are not enrolled in other course work, you will get 6 points by successfully completing the capstone.
***Honors Experience points allow you to receive points towards Honors Fellows for non-credit-bearing activities like internships, study abroad, research not taken for course credit, and leadership roles in LAUNCH. You can only earn 3 points from Honors Experiences. Apply for Honors XP using this form.

Complete Honors Participation (per semester)
    ❏ Freshmen - Meet attendance requirements and obtain 80+% of the possible points from assignments in the freshman seminar (see UGST 181 syllabus for more requirements)
    ❏ Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors, & above - Attend two Honors Student Council-designated events each semester. At least one must be designated as academic.

Internships, co-ops, and study abroad opportunities are valuable! If you are not on campus for a semester, ask an honors advisor for an alternate assignment to complete your Honors Participation requirement (not applicable to freshmen). 

Create & Maintain ePortfolio (http://tx.ag/ePortfolio)
    ❏ Update annually
    ❏ Rising Sophomore / Transfer – You will conduct a self-evaluation of your ePortfolio.
    ❏ Rising Junior – You will receive an evaluation from your Honors advisor.
    ❏ Rising Senior – You will complete evaluations of two of your peers’ ePortfolios.
Complete a Capstone (choose one - http://tx.ag/Capstones)
    ❏ Undergraduate Leadership Scholars
    ❏ Undergraduate Research Scholars
    ❏ Undergraduate Performance Scholars(in development)
    ❏ Undergraduate Service Scholars
    ❏ Undergraduate Teacher Scholars
    ❏ Departmental Capstone / Senior Project (i.e., engineering senior design)
Ways to Earn Honors Points
   ❏ Honors courses (i.e., ENDS 101 - 3 hrs. = 3 pts.)
   ❏ Honors course contract or independent study (hrs. = pts.)
   ❏ Graduate classes taken for undergraduate credit (a 600-level course automatically counts as upper-division honors credit if taken for undergraduate credit; hrs. = pts.)
   ❏ Honors Experience Points (You can apply for 1 point for a non-credit-bearing experience, such as an internship, study abroad, or research not taken for course credit. Typically, these experiences should last at least 6 weeks.)
   ❏ Leadership and service in LAUNCH (A year of service in a leadership position in one of our programs - Sophomore Advisor in HHC, Honors Student Council executive officer, Undergraduate Research Ambassador, or Explorations journal board member - counts for 1 point.)
No more than 3 points of the required 30 can come from non-credit bearing-experiences like Honors Experience Points and leadership positions within LAUNCH.
Note: This guide is intended to help you with planning. It is not definitive or a replacement for honors advising!