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ACREW (Aggie Collegiates Ready to Explore the World) is a success program for incoming freshmen to Texas A&M University. ACREW consists of all students that are Regents’ Scholars and received the Academic Achievement Scholarship from Texas A&M and the Brownsville Scholarship recipients. The success program operates on a mentor platform consisting of a group of upper-class scholarship recipients who volunteer time to assist scholarship freshmen “learn the ropes” of college life. Each freshman will be assigned to an individual mentor and a small community including other freshmen and mentors.

All ACREW participants are required to attend various programs through the fall and spring semesters to help aid in their transition to college life.


Program Goals

  • To give freshmen scholarship recipients a support system with a mentor and connection through that mentor to other resources.
  • To provide freshmen the awareness that other students have encountered similar experiences and to provide aid in succeeding in these situations.
  • To provide realistic support and feedback to freshmen scholarship students regarding their current and future status.
  • To help freshmen scholarship students develop a greater self-awareness of strengths, abilities and potential.
  • To encourage freshmen scholarship students to become vital and contributing members of the Texas A&M community.
  • To assist freshmen scholarship recipients in developing a positive identification with Texas A&M and the scholarship community.

ACREW Program Requirements


Organizational Meetings

UGST 181 Class

ACREW UGST class occurs every 1st, 2nd, and 4th week during the Fall semester. Each class meeting will have a learning component to it that will focus both on Academic and Life Skills.

ACREW Large Community Meetings

ACREW Large Community Meetings occur monthly and are utilized to bring all of the ASPIRE members (Advisors, Executives, Mentors and Freshmen) together. Each meeting will have a learning component to it. The Large Community meetings will be held every 1st Wednesday in the Spring semester.

ACREW Small Community Meetings

ACREW Small Community Meetings are events that are hosted by your mentors and give you the opportunity to learn more about small community members. These meetings will follow up on the monthly theme while conducting the meeting in a social environment. The Small Community meetings will be held every 3rd Wednesday of the month in the Fall and Spring semesters.

Weekly Contact

Weekly Contact with your mentor will allow you to develop a personal relationship. This can be beneficial to freshman when they are in need of assistance with course work or are looking for campus resources.