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ACREW Program Requirements

All ACREW participants will be registered for a 0 hour UGST 181 class that occurs in the Fall semester. Each class topic will have a focus on either an Academic or Life Skill that will contribute to your growth and development as a college student. It is mandatory that ACREW freshmen be in attendance.

ACREW will host Small Community meetings every 3rd Wednesday of each month. Freshmen will have a learning community block on their academic schedule to prevent them from enrolling in other courses during this time. In the Spring semester, there will not be a UGST class, however ACREW will host a Large Community meeting in addition to the Small Community meetings. The Large Community meeting will be the 1st Wednesday of every month and the Small Community meetings will be held the 3rd Wednesday.

Students who do not consistently attend these meetings can be subjected to cancellation of their scholarship.

Students will also be required to live in a Living Learning Program in Hobby Hall with the other participants of ACREW.

Partial or non-participation in the programmatic aspects of the ACREW Program will result in progressive consequences. Your mentor and executive chair will monitor your involvement in ACREW. Partial participation could result in termination of your scholarship. ACREW Coordinators will be in contact with students who miss ACREW events.