Academic Support

Each learning community is unique but academic success is central to the purpose of those in LAUNCH: Learning Communities. Students are encouraged to reach out to peers to form study groups, share perspectives from different academic classes, and to reach out for assistance when needed.

The campus provides additional academic support through help desks, supplemental instruction, and free tutoring. Peer mentors will assist students who ask in locating the resources that are available.

Academic Coaching

LAUNCH provides academic coaching for all LAUNCH students through the Academic Success Center. Students can request an appointment with and have priority to see the LAUNCH Coach.

The LAUNCH Academic Coach provides training to peer mentors to help students determine when to seek further academic assistance. Peer Mentors have practice in discussing academic issues and helping students find their possible next steps.

FOCUS Math Tutoring

For Spring 2018, FOCUS is providing an ongoing mathematics tutoring program for selected students. Students commit to seeing their assigned math tutor once per week for the entire semester. Tutors are graduate assistants or adjunct faculty in the Department of Mathematics.

FOCUS Pre-Med Scholars Tutoring

Students admitted to the FOCUS Pre-Med Scholars for this academic year have access to a mathematics and sciences tutor(s) provided by the College of Medicine's Aggie Doctors grant. Students in this track are expected to seek out the tutor(s) help on a regular basis to catch stumbling blocks as early as possible.