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LAUNCH LC Peer Mentors

Paying it forward, Peer Mentors serve the LAUNCH: Learning Communities in a variety of roles. Students may assist in or lead the seminar with a team, convene small groups, meet one-on-one with participants, or staff or plan LC events. The peer mentor titles include Community Leader, Sophomore Advisor, Mentor, Section Leader, Junior Advisor, and Leadership Team. Each learning community is unique. However, all of our peer mentors share a common commitment to the success and wellbeing of participating students and to preparing for and executing their responsibilities at the highest level.

Selection processes differ but all LC Peer Mentors complete rigorous training before and during their service. By the end of the year, Peer Mentors may earn certification as Regular, Advanced, or Master mentors under the guidelines set by the College Reading and Learning Association's International Peer Mentor Training Certification. Students who serve for longer than one year can increase their expertise and earn higher certification.

LAUNCH: Learning Communities Peer Mentor Development Days will be held Sunday February 25, Sunday April 8, and Sunday April 22, 2018. Multiple LCs send their mentors or leadership teams for further training at Camp Mentor which is held August 15-17, 2018. Peer Mentors meet with each other, their mentees, and their coordinators regularly thoughout the academic year.