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Century Scholars Mentors

The 2018-2019 Century Scholars Mentor Application opens on December 18, 2017.

Century Scholars Mentors are critical to the success of the Century Scholars Program, as they connect with incoming freshmen on a personal level and positively impact their first year at Texas A&M University. Mentors are trained to forge new relationships, impact the lives of new freshmen students, and help immerse them into the environment at Texas A&M. Mentors work with students in large and small groups, academic settings, and social settings throughout the school year. Century Scholars Mentors will be assigned to each section of the freshman seminar course. The Mentors act as a resource for Century Scholars freshmen in their first year at Texas A&M.
A Century Scholars Mentor:
  • Builds and supports effective relationships: Actively creates supportive, intentional relationship based on mutual trust, respect, and accountability that creates a safe space for the mentee to work towards personal learning goals. Willingly discloses personal stories and lessons learned through experience when appropriate. Seeks out opportunities for intentional conversations that support the growth of the mentee. Role models expected behavior for effective relationships.
  • Provides objective guidance and feedback based on resources and personal experience: Facilitate mentee’s ability to create and work towards specific learning goals by providing objective feedback and guidance on goals and action steps, sharing lessons from personal experience when appropriate, and serving as a connector to people and resources.
  • Facilitates reflective thinking: Encourages mentee to reflect on experiences by asking thoughtprovoking questions that seek deeper meaning and help the mentee to become more selfaware of strengths and growth opportunities. Seeks out opportunities for intentional conversations that support the development of the mentee.
  • Takes ownership for own personal growth and learning: Serve as a role model for personal growth and learning by employing practices of goal-setting, seeking feedback, and reflection for one’s own development during the mentoring relationship.

Mentor Forms
These forms are for the exclusive use of current Century Scholars Mentors for the purposes of their duties as a Century Scholar Mentor only. 

Small Community Planning Form

Risk Waiver

Mentor Request for Funds