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Century Scholars Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


No, but we encourage students to get involved in CSO to build community among scholars and to meet their participation requirements.
Yes; Students are required to attend all their assigned large community and all small community meetings. The only exception is if a student has a testing conflict with another class. Then it is the student's responsibility to email a copy of their syllabus to centuryscholars@tamu.edu so they may attend the other large community meeting or the small community meeting can be rescheduled. 
In order for an absence from a required event to be excused, it must meet the requirements laid out in Texas A&M University Student Rule 7. This includes, but is not limited to, death or illness of an immediate family member, illness of a dependent family member, required participation in military duties, or mandatory participation as a student-athlete in NCAA-sanctioned competition. For injury or illness that is too severe or contagious for the student to attend class, students must provide a doctor's excuse. It is the student’s responsibility to notify the Century Scholars Program Staff of their impending absence by emailing centuryscholars@tamu.edu
No; Students must use a faculty member (professor, lecturer, etc.) to meet this requirement. The reason we require faculty members is many graduate/professional schools and certain jobs will require faculty member references, for which advisors/staff don’t count and will not be given the same weigh.
Your faculty guide can be a professor for any class you taken, a professor in your department whom you'd like to meet, or any faculty member at Texas A&M. This person must be a faculty member. If you aren’t sure if your faculty guide will meet the requirement, email centuryscholars@tamu.edu.
Yes, but your participation requirements may be modified to meet the needs of your situation. Please email centuryscholars@tamu.edu describing your plans before your semester away so that the coordinator can work with you.