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Community Leaders

FOCUS Community Leaders impact the direction of first-year FOCUS students by providing dedicated leadership and mentorship. Community Leaders will strengthen their personal & professional skills while collaboratively working with FOCUS staff to ensure first-year FOCUS students achieve the set forth learning outcomes, and develop experience that may be applied in other professional or volunteer situations.

To apply to become a FOCUS Community Leader, students must:

  • Be enrolled as a full-time student at Texas A&M
  • Have and maintain a at least a 2.5 GPR at the end of spring semester after submitting an application 
  • Be able to fit a UGST 181 course section in their schedule
  • Be able to complete at least one year of service
  • Desire to facilitate classroom activities and discussions
  • Desire to gain presentation skills and individual mentoring skills
  • Desire to impact students, give back to the FOCUS learning community, and go above and beyond to make a difference!

FOCUS Community Leaders spend about 12-15 hours per month on FOCUS-related tasks. These tasks include (but are not limited to):

  • Community Leader team meetings
  • UGST 181
  • Development activities

Community Leaders receive extensive training in February, August, and January, and attend various events with FOCUS during Howdy Week. Community Leaders receive non-monetary compensation (such as camp, meals, activities, and treats) for volunteering their time and effort in supporting FOCUS students.

2017-2018 FOCUS Community Leaders

First Name Last Name Email Address Class Year
Erika Alcocer emalco0926@tamu.edu 2018
Rosa Aviles avilesrosa12@tamu.edu 2020
Jasmine Arambula jearambula@tamu.edu 2019
Heather Beck heather.n.beck96@tamu.edu 2018
Heidy Benitez heidy_benitez1997@tamu.edu 2020
Roberto Blanco rblanco91@tamu.edu 2018
Tomas Britt tmb2944@tamu.edu 2020
Taylor Carandang carandangt@tamu.edu 2020
Demonta Coleman dcole97@tamu.edu 2020
Marlenny Flores marlenny.flores@tamu.edu 2019
Maribel Garcia maribelg17@tamu.edu 2019
Yurisa Garcia yurisagarcia97@tamu.edu 2019
Jasmine Gill j312521@tamu.edu 2018
Cerci Hammons cercih@tamu.edu 2018
Quan Huynh dh286763@tamu.edu 2018
David Ibarra david1ibarra@tamu.edu 2019
Jenny Jaimes Gonzalez jennyjaimes@15@tamu.edu 2020
Lesley Lerma lerma-0905@tamu.edu 2020
Roman Lopez asap_roman3@tamu.edu 2020
Nariko Nakachi narikonakachi@tamu.edu 2020
Jaqueline Navarette jakiee11@tamu.edu 2020
Karen Ortiz kortiz108@tamu.edu 2020
Nicholas Palma palma267097@tamu.edu 2019
Gladys Pedraza gladys@tamu.edu 2020
Madeleyne Rodriguez Herrera madeleyne1997@tamu.edu 2020
Selina Ruano selina_ruano@tamu.edu 2019
Sith Senesoury senesoury_sith@tamu.edu 2019
Breana Rasberry bjrasberry@tamu.edu 2020
Jocelyn Rodriguez jocelyn8@tamu.edu 2019
Haiying Zhang miazhang28@tamu.edu 2020