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Community Leaders

First-year students look to a team of undergraduate Community Leaders to keep their section organized and on task. Community Leaders (CLs) volunteer and invest their time and talents to create beneficial learning and social activities specifically for first-year first-generation students. The CL team for each community consults the freshmen to determine which topics are of most interest (or most needed) and creates the syllabus for the weekly In-FOCUS Sessions (UGST 181) with the staff Coordinator for the community. The CL triads lead the In-FOCUS Sessions each week.

Within each community, each CL tends to their “CARE Team” (small group) throughout the year. The CL meets with each student at least twice one-on-one per semester. The CL organizes other activities to meet the interests and needs of first-year students participating in FOCUS - their CARE Team (or Community) might decide to meet weekly for lunch, study together, attend Silver Taps, or have a game night.

Additionally, Community Leaders facilitate team-building activities, icebreakers, and discussions at the August FOCUS Kick-Off and FOCUS Orientation and help with Large Community Meetings/events each month.
Community Leaders are chosen in the spring semester for the following academic year through an application, group process, and personal interview.  CLs undertake extensive training in preparaiton for their year of service. Community Leaders must be full-time students and maintain at least a 2.75 GPR. A full description of the responsibilities and requirements for the Community Leader position is available here.