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It's Time for IGNITE at Texas A&M.

Ignite is a brand-new learning community at TAMU. Ignite brings together students who are the first in their families to go to college as they step into campus life. 

Are you the first in your family to go to college?

Students at Orientation EventIgnite students build their connections with people who know what it means to be the first.  As new Aggies, Ignite students can turn to their growing network that includes
  • students starting this journey at the same time
  • other more experience first-in-the-family students
  • professional staff who know what students who are the first face as they move through university studies
  • new friends that understand what you've achieved to be here
Ignite offers participating students 
  • peer mentors to talk to about their options or concerns
  • a weekly seminar to learn the ins and outs of campus life
  • monthly activities to explore and gain the most from what TAMU offers
  • social events to connect and have fun 
 Social ActivitiesIgnite requires students to 
  • Apply to participate with the Ignite Application by May 1 including answering these two questions:
    • What do you hope to gain from Ignite?
    • How do you plan to contribute as an active participant in Ignite?
  • Register for an Ignite Undergraduate Studies seminar (UGST 181) each semester of the first year
  • Participate in Ignite orientation activities during welcome week in August
  • Participate in small group and large community activities or social events monthly
All majors are welcome. 
Students do not need to be recipients of a particular scholarship to join.
Students do not pay any fees for Ignite membership.
Spaces are limited because full participants may be eligible for additional scholarships at the end of each semester (depending on campus funding).

Got questions? Ask through ignite@tamu.edu.
October Social SnacksFreshmen with Reveille

After the first year, Ignite students will have the option to stay connected as a community through mentoring to the next cohort and/or participating in further development opportunities as their time allows. 

Logo for Ignite stating it starts with you

For more information, please contact Ignite Program Assistant Toni Nickel (tnickel10@exchange.tamu.edu).