Ignite students

What you need to be an Ignite Student

  • First- generation college student
  • Interest in building community among peers

What you do not need to be an Ignite Student

  • Membership fees- Ignite is free to all accepted students
  • A scholarship- There is no specific scholarship requirement for Ignite students
  • A particular major- Ignite students come from a variety of majors

Members of Ignite have some requirements to remain in good standing

  • Register for an Ignite Undergraduate Studies seminar (UGST 181) each semester of the first year
  • Participate in Ignite orientation activities during welcome week in August
  • Participate in small group and large community activities or social events monthly
  • Fulfill the requirements of the UGST 181 Ignite Syllabus and complete the course with a "Satisfactory"