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Winston Churchill Foundation Scholarship


This national fellowship provides funding from the Winston Churchill Foundation of the United States for American students to pursue a one-year Master’s in science, math, or engineering at Churchill College, University of Cambridge (Cambridge, UK).

You must be nominated by Texas A&M in order to apply for the Churchill Scholarship. If you would like to be considered for nomination, you must submit the following materials to natlfellows@tamu.edu.
  1. Proposed Program of Study Essay Max. of 1 page. The Churchill Foundation provides these instructions: “Your task here is to make your own case for the program you are choosing, based upon your previous research and study….It is essential that you present a coherent and personal rationale for your program of study. This essay is not an opportunity merely to restate the work of the particular laboratory in which you wish to work. It should, instead, describe what you wish to investigate and what you wish to accomplish in the context of that laboratory. Include brief citations in this section only if they are critical for understanding your purpose. Please focus on the research you propose for the Master’s year….the purpose of this essay is to express how you will use the opportunity to study in Cambridge in a way that advances your thirst for knowledge.”
  2. Personal Statement Max. of 2 pages. The Churchill Foundation provides these instructions: “The Statement can be an intellectual autobiography in which you describe the development of your academic interests, the importance of your research for you, someone whose work inspired you, or some other critical aspect of your work in the sciences, mathematics, or engineering. Please do not repeat information from the Proposed Program of Study. While the Personal Statement is primarily about your intellectual passions, you should feel free to discuss other work and activities that provide a fuller picture of who you are and who you want to be.”
  3. Curriculum Vitae or Resume Max. 2 pages. As applicable, include paid and unpaid employment, research, publications and presentations, academic achievements, extracurricular/non-academic activities, and awards/honors/prizes/scholarships.
  4. Texas A&M Transcript You may use the unofficial PDF available for download on Howdy.
  5. 4 Letters of Recommendation The Churchill Foundation provides the following guidelines for these letters: “Recommendation letters must be in disciplines related to the application and by individuals with first-hand experience of the applicant’s work. Letters from professors in unrelated fields (e.g., history, literature) or from community leaders (e.g., clergy, politicians) are not accepted. If the applicant has research experience (e.g., an NSF REU or internship), then it is mandatory that at least one of the four letters be from the director of that activity.” Your letters should be submitted directly by your recommenders, not by you. Please instruct your recommenders to submit your letters to natlfellows@tamu.edu by the same deadline, August 21 at 5:00 p.m.

Students can apply for:
Funding for one year (9-12 months) of graduate study at Cambridge University. Funding covers all university and college fees, a living stipend, a travel allowance, and the application fees for a UK visa. Additionally, Churchill Scholars may receive a Special Research Grant for travel to international conferences, conducting brief research at other universities, etc. Learn more about the financial benefits of the Churchill Scholarship here.

Applicants must be U.S. citizens invested in research in the fields of science, engineering, or math. Applicants must be college seniors or recent graduates (completion of bachelor degree in the last 12 months). Applicants must have received their bachelor’s degrees by the time they begin the Churchill Scholarship. Please view further eligibility requirements here.

You are a good fit for the Churchill Scholarship if you:
  • Have an extremely high GPA (at least a 3.7 to be competitive, but preferably a 3.9),
  • Have extensive research experience,
  • Have received awards or produced publications related to your research, and
  • Tenaciously pursue hobbies in the areas of music, sports, or community service.

As part of the online application, students must submit:
  • 4 written documents: Scholarships, Prizes, Awards, and Other Distinctions (max. of 1 page); Research/Employment Experience (max. of 1 page); Proposed Program of Study Essay (max. of 1 page); and Personal Statement (max. of 2 pages)
  • Correspondence with a lab supervisor at Cambridge indicating a willingness to accept the applicant into the lab, if the applicant is selected as a Churchill Scholar
  • 4 Letters of Recommendation
  • Transcripts
More details about the application can be found here.

  • Nomination deadline prior to final application deadline: All application materials must be submitted for internal review by Texas A&M’s selection committee.‚Äč
  • Final application deadline: November 7, 2017


Campus Contact
Benjamin Simington, National Fellowships coordinator:natlfellows@tamu.edu 

Additional Information
  • Texas A&M can nominate 2 candidates.
  • A minimum of 14 Churchill Scholarships are offered each year.
  • The Churchill Scholarship is one of the most challenging fellowships to the UK and requires extremely high excellence in academics and research.
  • Please review the eligible and ineligible programs of study at Cambridge to determine whether the Churchill Scholarship can fund your desired degree: http://www.winstonchurchillfoundation.org/programs.html
  • This fellowship cannot be deferred or renewed.
  • You must submit a separate application to the University of Cambridge, indicating Churchill College as your first choice.
  • Twenty finalists chosen by the Winston Churchill Foundation take part in 20-minute phone interviews.