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Undergraduate Service Scholars

The Undergraduate Service Scholar Capstone is a two-semester experience that uses community service and self-reflection to enable students to see how their values, education and career goals coincide with real-world problems.

Learning Objectives
After completing The Undergraduate Service Scholar Capstone, students will:
  • Gain a better understanding of the nature of service
  • Learn the importance of collaborating to support communities in need
  • Develop a consciousness for sustainability
To successfully participate in and complete the Undergraduate Service Scholar Capstone. The student must have:
  • A cumulative GPR of 3.0 or better
  • Established a working relationship with a community agency/faculty director who is willing to serve as an advisor
  • A Proposal and Timeline (Proposals must be approved by both the community agency/faculty director and LAUNCH)
Undergraduate Service Scholar candidates will submit a two-page proposal and a timeline of activities by early spring or fall semester with the approval of their community agency/faculty advisor. Successful candidates will be notified of their acceptance into the program by the end of the add/drop period of each semester.
After submitting the Proposal and Timeline, the Undergraduate Service Scholar (USS) will develop a project in collaboration with their community agency or faculty advisor (USS Advisor) to be carried out by their organization over the course of the academic year. The USS will manage the project, and provide three written reflections per semester (six total) on the progress of their projects as well as any issues they have run into and their method for solving them. They will participate in any eCampus discussions pertaining to their experiences, provide both LAUNCH and their USS Advisor with a final write up of their program efforts/implementation instructions and any associated materials, and give a public presentation that details the project.
The public presentation requirement will be satisfied by a contribution to a blog in LAUNCH blog, a personal blog entry, or as a part of a workshop or presentation open to the campus or the general-public. All entries must be submitted before the last day of Fall/Spring classes.

The USS Advisor will be expected to ensure that the USS is proposing an appropriate project, provide or obtain any necessary permissions, mentor the USS with respect to approaches and problem-solving and provide two end-of-semester assessments of the success of both the project and the organizational skills, awareness and adaptability of the USS. The USS Advisor will also return an assessment of the student’s performance to capstones@tamu.edu.

This capstone may be completed from Fall to Spring or Spring to Fall