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2017 SRW Award Winners

Subject Area Awards


Jordan Lewallen, 1st Place Poster
Kendal Paige Ezell, 1st Place Oral
Kanika Gakhar, 2nd Place Oral

Agriculture and Life Sciences

Mackenzie Hartman, 1st Place Oral


Sara Maynard, 2nd Place Poster
Brooke Versaw, 1st Place Oral
Miranda Apfel, 2nd Place Oral

Liberal Arts

Claire Nowka, 1st Place Poster
Daniel Joseph Welch, 2nd Place Poster
Amanda Gomez, 1st Place Oral
James McLean Bell, 2nd Place Oral


Jahna Brooks, 1st Place Poster

Education and Human Development

Katelyn Elaine Goodroe, 1st Place Poster
Devyn Chae Rice, 2nd Place Oral


Madison Moore, 1st Place Oral

Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences

Rebecca Harlow, 1st Place Poster
Rebecca Thornton & Michelle Hoathian, 1st Place Oral
Serene Yu, 2nd Place Oral

Health Sciences

Morgan Riba, 1st Place Poster
Gabriella Abouelkheir, 2nd Place Poster
Virginia Beth Neese, 1st Place Graduate Poster

Special Awards

Sigma Xi Symposium Theme Award

Brooke Versaw, Undergraduate Winner

Sigma Xi Interdisciplinary Award

Thomas Edward Settlemyre, Undergraduate Winner

Melbern G. Glasscock Humanities Special Award

Oral Presentations
James McLean Bell, Undergraduate Winner

Writing Center Special Award

University Writing Center Award for Outstanding Abstract
Nicole Green, Undergraduate Winner
University Writing Center Award for Outstanding Presentation
Amanda Gomez, Undergraduate Winner