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Graduated/Past Student Board Members
Annabelle Aymond, Sr. Editor Layout & Design
Telecommunication Media Studies 2014

Sarah Armstrong, Sr. Editor Layout & Design
Political Science and Economics 2014

Mary Beth Benda, Sr. Editor
Biomedical Science

Alexandra Bryson, Sr. Editor
Biochemistry and Genetics 2011

Callie Cheatham, Sr. Editor
Chemistry 2015

Evan Cherry, Sr. Editor
Chemical Engineering 2010

Rebecca Cross, Sr. Editor
Molecular & Cell Biology 2012

Alifya Faizullah, Sr. Editor and Co-Chair
Nuclear Engineering 2012

Joel Ferrer, Editor
Biomedical Sciences, 2018

Bryce Gagliano, Sr. Editor
Biology/Neuroscience 2011

Heedeok Han, Sr. Editor
Biomedical Science 2011

Samir Lakdawala, Editor
Chemical Engineering 2014

Paulina Martinez, Sr. Editor Layout & Design
Sociology 2011

Madeline Eda Matthews, Sr. Editor and Co-Chair
Psychology 2013

Connor McBroom, Sr. Editor
Biochemistry, Genetics, Mathematics, 2016

Matthew McMahon, Sr. Editor and Co-Chair
Environmental Geoscience, 2015

Erin O'Brien, Sr. Editor and Co-Chair
Biochemisrty & Biophysics 2010

Maggie Pruitt, Editor, Marketing and Design
Journalism, 2018

Marc Rauckhorst, Sr. Editor and Marketing and Design
International Studies, 2016

Bobbie Roth, Sr. Editor
Environmental Geoscience 2013

Jenny Russell, Sr. Editor and Co-Chair
Politics & Diplomacy (Russia) 2012

Jason Szafron, Sr. Editor
Biomedical Engineering, 2015

Lupita Salgado, Sr. Editor
Communication 2012

Janvi Todai, Sr. Editor and Co-Chair
Undergraduate Student, BHNR (Business Honors) 2012

Bernard Appiah, Sr. Editor
Graduate Student, Science & Technology Journalism 2011