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Interested in getting to know the people behind the journal? Read our student Board Members' bios for a look into what makes Explorations possible and why they do it!

Executive Board

Bailey Woods
Sr. Editor, Executive Board, Senior Co-Chair, Explorations Volume 8 Author

Howdy! I am a senior English and Classics major from Fort Worth, Texas. My research involves the study of voyage literature and the juxtaposition of sanctity and insanity in monastic pilgrimages, specifically the monastic practices from seventh century Ireland that involved peregrinatio (self-imposed exile and wandering for their love of, and devotion to, God).

In my career at Texas A&M University, my most rewarding experience has been with Explorations: the Texas A&M University Undergraduate Journal. My freshman year, I joined Explorations, as an Editorial Board Member; since then, I have been an Executive Board Member, and Executive Secretary of the board and am currently serving as the Co-Chair for Explorations overseeing the expansion of the journal and the board.  Explorations is a truly rewarding opportunity for board members, authors, and readers alike. I am passionate about undergraduate research and strive to let it be known that it can be done by all disciplines. Because of this, I love promoting the opportunity for my peers to publish their research in our interdisciplinary journal so that it can be shared and highlighted within the Texas A&M community!

Tyler Sarna
Sr. Editor, Executive Board, Junior Co-Chair

I am a class of 2018 Finance and Business Honors major at Texas A&M. I am passionate about communication, and joined Explorations to pursue this through the editorial and marketing aspects of Explorations. This experience has already benefited me enormously in crafting the professional emails and communications necessary in the business world.



Christian Brazell
Sr. Editor, Executive Board, 
Executive Secretary

My name is Christian Brazell and I am a sophomore Nuclear Engineering major at Texas A&M. I love math, music, philosophy, and ideas, as well as hearing how other people experience and view these things. This is why I love Explorations; it is a venue for thought and dialogue about many of the ways we experience life. Explorations means novelty and discovering something new. I look forward to partaking with authors and audiences alike in new ways to see, to feel, and to experience this life we're in.

Haley Chamiso

Sr. Editor, Executive Board, Submissions Recruiting Committee Executive Lead

Taking learning outside of the classroom is important to me and Explorations is an excellent platform for that. As an interdisciplinary journal, Explorations introduces its readers to a great deal of information that they may not ordinarily encounter, with the added bonus of it being from their peers at Texas A&M. This is what drew me to Explorations- the opportunity it presents to learn and make connections, bringing classroom learning to life.

Additionally, the incredible privilege that Explorations board members have to select, edit, and help create each volume of Explorations is a valuable one. After 3 years on the board, I can say with certainty that it's been a great learning experience, one that can be of use wherever I find myself in the future. 

Rachel Cox
Sr. Editor, Executive Board, Membership Committee Executive Lead

I am an English major who is interested in pursuing a career in editing and publishing. I love the smell of old books and likes to write down and save meaningful quotes in my journal. I originally joined the Explorations Board because I was amazed by the diversity of the Texas A&M research displayed in the journal. In my time on the board of editors I have enjoyed working with the authors and watching the research proposals develop over the year into polished articles with unique and life-changing information. I aminterested in doing research and draw inspiration from working with students who genuinely care about their research and about the difference their studies could make. To me, the best part about being with Explorations is helping hard-working individuals communicate their well-supported ideas to the wider community of Texas A&M.

Teresa Hall
Sr. Editor, Executive Board, 
Journal Committee Executive Lead

Howdy! My name is Teresa Hall and I am a senior pursuing a double major in Biochemistry and Genetics as well as two minors in Psychology and Women’s Studies. After graduation, I plan to attend medical school and become an OB/GYN. When I'm not studying, I like to read, binge watch Netflix, and hang out with my four-legged best friend, Gatsby.

I joined the Explorations Board as an editorial member my freshman year and became a member of the executive board the next year. I have had so much fun in the years I have spent on the board not only because the whole Explorations team is phenomenal, but because reading the research that my peers complete is fascinating. The opportunity to learn what our undergraduates are passionate about is what makes this journal such valuable part of this university.

Olivia Oliver
Sr. Editor, Executive Board, Outreach
 Committee Executive Lead

Howdy! My name is Olivia Oliver and I am a sophomore English major planning to continue my education in law school. I have lived all over United States, which has exposed me to an array of cultures and academic institutions. From my travels, I have learned that education is as beautiful as it is necessary. I joined Explorations because I believe that all studies should be investigated with the utmost curiosity and have the goal of sharing discovered knowledge. I want people to have the ability to pursue and achieve new goals, furthering their personal and educational visions. Explorations provides undergraduates with the opportunity to achieve this, which is precisely why I have continued to work as an editor on the board. I hope to have a hand in helping others reach their goals through editing articles for clarity and intrigue; as well as spotlighting undergraduates at Texas A&M through the continued publication of Explorations. From my involvement on the board, I have been able to build a network and community of scholars that will challenge one another and grow in the process.

Judy Yang
Sr. Graphic Designer, Marketing and Design Team, Sr. Editor, Executive Board, Marketing and Design Team Executive Lead, Explorations Volume 7 Cover Artist

My name is Judy Yang and I am a junior Accounting major with a minor in Art from Arlington, TX. My hobbies are playing violin, playing tennis, and cooking, but my passion is art and design. From little doodles to original artworks on paper and computer, my passion for art and design continues to grow and blossom. My cover art submission for Volume 7 of Explorations is an eye-opener to what it’s like to work as a graphic artist in a professional environment. It also boosted my confidence in considering a design and art career. However, I still have a long way to go to becoming a professional designer, and practice makes perfect. By joining the Explorations Board, I have an opportunity to continue to practice in a professional environment in addition to working with other people who share my passion. Furthermore, I love working with a group of people whom I can take inspiration from and bounce my ideas off of. Joining the Explorations Board will help prepare me in my dream of becoming a graphic designer.


Editorial Board



Ishanee Chanda
Sr. Editor, Editorial Board

Howdy! I am a junior International Studies major with a minor in English and am fluent in three languages and speak conversationally in six. I have a passion for writing and thinking about our place in the world, specifically my own. People are fascinating and I've made it my life's mission to learn about them in any way I can.

I joined Explorations to learn more, broaden my views of research, gain insight into how things work, and to share what I discover with the community through the articles that we publish in the journal. Explorations provides me with the opportunity to exercise my interests in the world of editing and journalism, allowing me to delve deeper into the world of research in my own studies  as well as those showcased in the journal. 



Karla Chang-Gonzalez
Sr. Graphic Designer, Marketing and Design Team, Sr. Editor, Editorial Board, 
Explorations Volume 8 Cover Artist

Howdy! I am a sophomore Visualization major with a minor in Computer Science on the Marketing and Design Team as well as the Editorial Board for Explorations as a graphic designer and editor, respectfully. As a freshman in Visualization, I am looking forward to pursuing a career in Computer animation or graphic design, so I can always have an artistic outlet. In my free time I enjoy reading, playing the piano, and of course, making artwork. Since I have joined the Explorations Board, I have developed my design skills, and gained the experience of editing research and scholarly articles. Being a board member for the journal is valuable to me in that it allows me to not only support the Aggie family and community, but also to showcase undergraduate research at Texas A&M.


Doug Fletcher
Editor, Editorial Board

Howdy! I am a freshmen class of 2020 Applied Mathematics major from Taylor Lake Village, Texas. I am also an aspiring mathematics researcher. I am passionate about Texas A&M University and think the research pursuits showcased in Explorations are the best ways to exhibit the university's strength. Through the privilege of working with Explorations, I hope to become connected to the scholastic fabric of our university as well as helping others advertise their strengths. 

Marina Hawkins
Editor, Editorial Board

Howdy! I am a sophomore Biology major from Arlington, Texas, and am currently performing undergraduate research in the Rosenthal lab. Science and sports are my first love, but I am also very passionate about the pursuit of education, and enjoy learning about anything and everything.

This will be my first year serving on the Explorations board, and I'm excited for the opportunities that lie ahead for me to expand my knowledge in this hands-on learning experience. I'm most looking forward to spreading the word about the great undergraduate research that is taking place on this campus.


Kadden Kothmann
Sr. Graphic Designer, Marketing and Design Team, 
Sr. Editor, Editorial Board

Howdy! My name is Kadden Kothmann and I am a sophomre Biomedical Sciences major. The land surrounding my hometown in west Texas inspired my passion for agricultural development, and for seeking a better world through the advancement of technology, process, and understanding. This being said, I am also interested in a wide variety of disciplines and love to see how they interact with each other through research. My research experience began in high school, where I flipped through research articles, panning for the tiny flakes of data that would kindle my interest. As a member of Explorations, I not only get the opportunity to further my experience and read new pieces of information through our article submissions, but I get to pass them on to the rest of the world.

Eryn Lyle
Sr. Editor, Editorial Board

I'm a sophomore English and History major from Katy, Texas with a personal interest in Shakespearean and digital humanities research. When I heard about Explorations, I was excited that there was an interdisciplinary journal at Texas A&M open to undergraduates and thought it was an excellent way to be involved in research here on campus. My goal is to help Aggies get published and to learn about the research and publication process through my position as a member on the Editorial board.




Luke Oaks
Sr. Editor, Editorial Board

Howdy Ags. In short, I am a biomedical engineer with a sociological imagination who aims to alleviate global health problems and empower youth for generations to come.
If you’d like to know more: I am an academic looking to experience an exploratory undergrad education that extends far beyond the classroom. As such, I wear a lot of hats. I enjoy serving as an ambassador for prospective National Merit students, a resident advisor for the Startup Living Learning Community, an adopted member of the Posse Scholar community, and – of course – a proud senior editor for Explorations.

As a returning member of our Editorial Board, I am excited to continue applying my passion for strengthening the Texas A&M research community through the production of this undergraduate journal.

Also an inspired researcher, I am presently developing a technology for improved oral cancer diagnosis at the point-of-care. My future sights are set on improving health care and the dissemination of information in low and middle income countries. With that latter goal in mind, I started a podcast you can check out at luketalks.com. Let’s make some waves.

Vinathi Polamraju
Editor, Editorial Board

Howdy! My name is Vinathi Polamraju and I am a sophomore Biomedical Science major with a double minor in Business Administration and Neuroscience. I plan on attending medical school and obtaining a dual MD/PhD degree. Research has always interested me and I hope to continue discovering new things by applying the knowledge I learn in class practically. My biggest passion outside of academia is art. I have always enjoyed drawing and painting and hope to open my own art gallery in the future. I am excited to be a part of the Explorations Board this year and cannot wait to see what new and exciting opportunities this experience presents. I hope to one day publish my own work in this journal and be a part of the bigger picture here at Texas A&M University. 


Colton Porco
Sr. Editor, Editorial Board

Howdy! I am a sophomore Computer Science major with a minor in Mathematics! Over the years, I have developed a passion for writing to accompany my love of learning. In my free time, you can often find me writing, studying, or hanging out with my friends and enjoying comedy.

I joined to Explorations to expand my reach in research and gain experience with editing and publishing. Explorations provides me with a place to express my enthusiasm for writing and academia as well as help give others the opportunity to become published in our annual journal. I hope to leave a legacy at Explorations as we continue to showcase the best that Texas A&M has to offer.


Reagan Spexarth
Graphic Designer, Marketing and Design Team, Editor, Editorial Board

Howdy! My name is Reagan Spexarth and I am a freshman Nuclear Engineering major from The Woodlands, Texas. I enjoy physics, philosophy, and political science, however, my true passions have always been my curiosity and my unabashed love for everything the world has to offer. For me, true learning has never been about equations and memorization, but rather about the thrill of discovery and the chasing of reality. This is why I joined Explorations- to see the work that everyone here at Texas A&M is doing to bring us all closer to understanding the world we live in. 


Dana Sublett
Sr. Editor, Editorial Board

My name is Dana Sublett and I am a junior Chemical Engineering major from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I joined Explorations as a Freshman, working as a Liaison to the College of Engineering. This year, I will serving as a member of the Editorial Board. Explorations has been a great way for me to get involved on campus in an organization that I feel is contributing a great deal to our university. The research that Texas A&M undergraduates are completing is truly amazing and deserves to be recognized. I am looking forward to guiding new authors through the process of being published and I can't wait to be a part of the next edition of Explorations.


Kate Von Ness
Editor, Editorial Board

Howdy! I am an English and GIST (Geographic Information Science and Technology) major from San Antonio, Texas. Explorations interested me because it offered me the opportunity to expand my knowledge beyond research in my own fields, make professional connections, and further develop my professional communication and editing skills. I love Explorations because it brings the more liberal and scientific aspects of academic studies together which is the exact same reason I decided to become a dual major. I love to travel and expose myself to new challenges, and I’m excited to see what this year of Explorations will bring. I am currently an Editor and I look forward to working with all the authors to bring their scholarly or creative work to the community!

Omar Wyman
Sr. Editor, Editorial Board

I am a senior Biomedical Engineering major. I am currently one of the coordinators for the DeBakey Program, a team-based research lab in the Vet School specializing in cardiovascular and lymphatic research. Through joining the Editorial Board of Explorations, I hope that the exposure to the vast amount of research conducted on our campus will help me perform better at my own research.Explorations is truly an innovative journal. The passion each member of this organization has at communicating the research of the authors is truly inspirational and I hope to assist in the journal's creative process to create the next brilliant volume.