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Explorations would not be possible without the continuous support of the Association of Former Students and other donors. In order to continue to showcase the best and most vibrant student work, Explorations seeks outside support to sustain our publication. Your support funds more than our journal; it is a commitment to academic invigoration. For more information about supporting Explorations, contact the Texas A&M Foundation at  info@txamfoundation.com or (979) 845-8161. Donations are accepted online* at http://give.am/Explorations. Checks may be made payable to:

Texas A&M University
ATTN: UGR Explorations: The Texas A&M Undergraduate Journal
Acct. #510025-38000

*$25 minimum

Any questions and journal requests can be directed to explorations@tamu.edu. Thanks & Gig 'Em!

- Explorations Executive Board