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Undergraduate Research Scholars

Undergraduate Research Scholars engage in a two-semester (fall/spring) research project conducted under the supervision of a Texas A&M University faculty mentor that culminates in a public presentation and written thesis. This program seeks to involve any eligible undergraduate in the “graduate student” experience and introduce them to the academic publication process and scholarly community. Additionally, this program plays an important role in ensuring the unified format of undergraduate theses published at Texas A&M University.

LAUNCH: Undergraduate Research provides students and faculty who participate in this program with additional resources and support to facilitate the successful completion of student projects and theses. Students who complete this program are recognized as Undergraduate Research Scholars at graduation and on their official transcript. Undergraduate Research Scholars also receive an Undergraduate Research Scholars medallion as official graduation regalia.

Undergraduates who participate in the Undergraduate Research Scholars program will ultimately:
  • Learn the process of writing a thesis
  • Learn how to make a public presentation
  • Gain knowledge that didn’t come from a classroom
  • Improve chances for acceptance into graduate or professional schools, fellowships, and grants
  • Gain a better understanding of graduate school
  • Network with students and faculty

Additional Program Benefits and Opportunities

Thesis Writing (UGST 405-900)
LAUNCH: Undergraduate Research offers an optional 1-credit hour Thesis Writing class (UGST 405) to all Undergraduate Research Scholars in the spring semester. Thesis Writing is taught by Dr. Sarah M Misemer, Associate Director for Undergraduate Research at LAUNCH. See an example Thesis Writing syllabus.
Honors Capstone Experience
Participating in the Undergraduate Research Scholars program qualifies as an Honors Capstone experience.
Note: You do NOT have to be an honors student to participate in the Undergraduate Research Scholars program.

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