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This year, over 280 students across all academic colleges at Texas A&M University participated in the 2016-2017 Undergraduate Research Scholars program. During the next two semesters, undergraduates in this program will have an exceptional opportunity to engage in high-impact research experiences by working closely with Texas A&M University faculty, staff, and graduate students. They will find themselves challenged in many ways but will develop knowledge and skills that go beyond the outcomes offered in the classroom setting. Our staff in LAUNCH: Undergraduate Research is here to help students achieve their goals, and we are always happy to answer questions. Feel free to come see us in Henderson Hall or connect with us online.

The Undergraduate Research Scholar Thesis will be the primary product of the Undergraduate Research Scholars program and will be written in progression over the fall and spring semesters. Research should be presented in a scholarly, well-integrated and properly documented manner, and should reflect the original work done by an undergraduate under the supervision of a Texas A&M faculty advisor.

All Undergraduate Research Scholars are required to:

  • Attend all Mandatory Events
    • Orientation
    • Citation Software Workshop
    • Thesis Formatting Workshop
  • Receive Research Compliance Approval (if applicable to your project)
  • Submit First, Second, and Third Progress Reports
  • Submit First, Second, and Third Installments
  • Make a Public Presentation
  • Submit a Presentation Report
  • Submit Final Thesis to eCampus for Formatting
  • Submit Final Faculty Advisor-approved Thesis and Embargo Selection
  • Respond to program emails within 48 hours (business days)
  • Notify Undergraduate Research Scholars staff of any absences or missed assignments, as well as provide documentation of a university-excused absence. No late assignments will be accepted. Missing mandatory events or assignments without a university-excused absence will result in your removal from the program. Please see the Texas A&M University student rules at student-rules.tamu.edu for a list of university-approved absences, including religious holidays.
Useful Links

Installments and Progress Reports

Thesis installment submissions, reviews and corrections will all be made through the 2016-2017 Undergraduate Research Scholars eCampus Community. The eCampus Community serves as a place for all Undergraduate Research Scholars to easily locate important deadlines and due dates, thesis templates, and other helpful program materials and resources. All installment submissions, in addition to progress reports, and the presentation report will be submitted through the eCampus Community.

During the thesis installment submission process, your document may be returned to you for corrections. It is expected that you submit your revised document according to the deadline noted in the corrections email. You are expected to respond to email messages within 48 business hours unless instructed otherwise. If you do not submit the full installment (missing either the progress report or thesis submission) the assignment is considered incomplete. No late assignments will be accepted without a university-excused absence and appropriate documentation. Submit documentation of university-excused absences to ugr@tamu.edu.

Team Assignments

Although you may be operating as a research team, all members of a team are responsible for individually attending all mandatory events and turning in all assignments. Primary contacts for teams were designated during the application process. While only the team’s primary contact is asked to submit installment submissions, all team members must submit individual progress reports and presentation reports. However, if a team’s primary contact is unable to submit an installment submission, another team member is required submit the assignment by the specified deadline.

Public Presentations

All Undergraduate Research Scholars are required to publicly present either an oral or poster presentation of their research project to satisfy the public presentation component of the program. Students may present at national conferences or other symposia, but many take advantage of Student Research Week held on the College Station campus. Student Research Week is hosted each year in March by the Graduate Student Council. For more information about Student Research Week, visit www.srw.tamu.edu.

Students at Texas A&M University at Galveston (TAMUG) have the opportunity to present at the TAMUG Student Research Symposium in April. TAMUG students should note that the deadline to submit the public presentation form is different due to the date of this symposium occurring after the final thesis deadline. For more information about the TAMUG Student Research Symposium, please visit http://tamug.edu/Research/Symposium.

All Undergraduate Research Scholars should include the Undergraduate Research Scholars logo on posters or PowerPoint presentations. Logo files in multiple formats can be downloaded on this website and on the eCampus Community.

Once you have made a public presentation, you must submit a Presentation Report to receive credit for the presentation. The report asks for details about your presentation, an Abstract, and a PDF copy of your PowerPoint Slides (for oral presentations) or poster (for poster presentations). This report is submitted through the eCampus Community.

Team Presentations

All team members must make a public presentation of the team project and submit individual presentation report.

Final Thesis

All Undergraduate Research Scholars Theses are electronically submitted and indexed in the permanent Undergraduate Research Collection of the OAKTrust Digital Repository at Texas A&M University, where it will be accessible worldwide. Theses must therefore be presented in a uniform scholarly manner, professionally designed and properly documented, accurately representing the Undergraduate Research Scholar’s creative and intellectual studies. It also should exemplify the highest level of scholarship as it will be available to the general public as a representation of the quality of research endeavors at Texas A&M University.

Final thesis submissions in April will be made through both the eCampus Community and the Scholars Thesis Submittal System (STSS). Final theses are uploaded to eCampus first to allow Undergraduate Research staff to check documents for proper formatting. Once theses are approved, they will be uploaded to the Scholars Thesis Submittal System (STSS) by the Undergraduate Research Scholars Program staff. Scholars will be directed to STSS in Step 2 of the final thesis submission in order to input additional information required before the completion of the program. By this time, faculty advisors should have already reviewed your thesis outside of the submission system, as approval is expected within 48 business hours. Thesis and author information including thesis titles, keywords, author names, majors, and embargo options must be updated at this time.

Questions or Problems

Always feel free to contact any of us here at Undergraduate Research by phone at (979) 458-0039 or email at ugr@tamu.edu if you run into any problems. We are also available for scheduled appointments.