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Undergraduate Research Scholars Thesis Manual & Policy Guide

The Thesis Manual & Policy Guide contains important information about the Undergraduate Research Scholars program such as:

  • A full program schedule
  • Detailed thesis formatting requirements
  • Thesis installment and progress report submission requirements
  • Final thesis submission requirements
  • Guidelines for requesting travel awards and poster vouchers
  • Explanation of thesis hold options and repository information
Thesis Manual & Policy Guide
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Thesis Templates

Thesis Template #1
Thesis Template #2
Thesis Template #3

Top 10 Common Thesis Formatting Mistakes & How To Fix Them

Top 10 Common Mistakes

Undergraduate Research Scholars Logo for Presentations

Contact Undergraduate Research Scholars program staff for higher quality files (.eps, .pdf, etc.).

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Choosing the Right Citation Software

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Additional Resources On Campus

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  3. TAMU Libraries
  4. Zotero Citation Software
  5. TAMU Writing Center
  6. Exclusive for Undergraduate Research Scholars