Program Troubleshooting

Yes. You and your faculty advisor need to identify the most appropriate venue for you to present your work. This cannot be a presentation within your own department or to one of your classes. Appropriate venues include regional professional meetings, national or international conferences, or other presentation venues at Texas A&M University that occur prior to the URS program's public presentation report deadline. 

Students at Texas A&M University at Galveston can present their research at the Student Research Symposium. Qatar Campus students need to consult with their faculty advisors and LAUNCH: Undergraduate Research staff.

Common reasons include:

  • You have failed to complete Part 1 of the application.
  • You did not provide a detailed timeline that incorporates URS program deadlines and/or the timeline is not appropriate for the scope of your project.
  • The proposal lacks a project summary.
  • Your proposal is missing a research question that will produce new and original work.
  • The objectives/goals of the research are not clear. WHY are you doing this? What do you intend to learn? If successful, how will this work move your field forward?
  • You indicate that you will be working with human subjects, vertebrate animals, and/or biohazards, but you left the Research Compliance section blank on your proposal.
  • You marked YES in the research compliance screening questions, but did not elaborate on how your project implicates human subjects, vertebrate animals, and/or biohazards, OR you did not explain whether you are seeking to be amended to an existing compliance protocol. 
  • The methods/theoretical framework section is missing, vague, or unclear.
  • The research proposed is based on developing a critical technique or procedure, or having access to an uncommon piece of equipment, but does not address what you will do if the technique or procedure fails or if equipment is not available.
  • The proposal does not include in-text citations from the primary literature to support your justification, approach, or procedures, or it lacks a References/Bibliography/Works Cited section accurately citing these primary sources.
  • The proposal needs proofreading for grammatical, typographical, or has formatting errors.