Program Withdrawal

Any type of honor code violation from student rules will result in a review and possible dismissal from the program.

If you miss a mandatory event, submission deadline, and/or revision deadline and you do not have a university-excused absence, you will be removed from the program.

If you do not have research compliance approval by the cut-off date, you will be removed from the program. See current program deadlines.

If your faculty advisor does not approve your final thesis submission, you will be removed from the program. We encourage students to communicate throughout the year with their faculty advisors on the project and about revisions.

If you are using the URS program to fulfill requirements for Honors, Senior Design, course credit (including W credit), or another program, please consult with your faculty advisor about scholarship and/or graduation requirements.

Consult with your faculty advisor before removing yourself from the program. Once you and your faculty advisor have discussed your removal, please email