Research Compliance

The office of Research Compliance and Biosafety (RCB) is responsible for providing training and support to faculty, students, and staff in regulatory requirements for research. RCB provides administrative and operational support for Texas A&M’s research compliance review committees as well as other research compliance programs designated at the university.

Projects may require approval through Research Compliance and Biosafety committees if they involve:

  1. Human Subjects: Institutional Review Board (IRB)
  2. Vertebrate Animals: Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)
  3. Biohazards: Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC)

Note: Please be aware that if you are using social media and/or online content, you may be subject to review by the Institutional Review Board (IRB).

You should have a conversation with your faculty advisor very early on in the design of your project to determine whether or not your project may require approval from any of the three research compliance committees.

No, but your project may already be covered if you are a part of an ongoing research project under your faculty advisor. However, you still need to complete any required training and must be amended to the existing compliance protocol.

If an existing approval does not exist, you and your faculty advisor will need to determine who will submit the project to the appropriate committee for review, what type of training you need to complete and when, and work with the appropriate committee to submit all required documents and/or revisions to your compliance approval application as requested by the committee.

Please be aware that there is a cut-off date for receiving compliance approval for your URS project. See current URS program deadlines.
While there is a cut-off date, you may still be able to complete other parts of your URS Thesis while you are awaiting approval. Talk to your faculty advisor about what portions of your project you can complete without research compliance approval. See current URS program deadlines.

You may need to postpone your project if you do not receive research compliance approval before the cut-off date. You may reapply to next year’s program if you are still eligible.

You may need to revise either the methods or scope of your project to avoid research compliance issues. Please talk to your faculty advisor about how you might restructure your project to achieve similar or even different research goals. Be advised that you need to contact the Research Compliance & Biosafety office on any changes that you make to a project that is already under review. 
If you have started the process of obtaining research compliance approval, if you’re being added to an existing approval, or if you project appears to need some type of research compliance approval, LAUNCH: Undergraduate Research staff will send a copy of your proposal to the Research Compliance & Biosafety (RCB) office. Research Compliance & Biosafety will be in contact with you if any further information is needed from you or your faculty advisor.