Thesis Guidance

You will have the opportunity to construct a timeline in your application. The sample timeline template addresses the following types of questions:

  • When will you complete any required training?
  • When will you seek compliance approval (if needed)?
  • When will you complete your literature review?
  • When and how often will you meet with your faculty advisor?
  • When and where will you do your public presentation?
  • When will you register for conferences or meetings?
  • When will you visit the Writing Center for help?
  • When will you analyze your data?
  • When will you schedule and complete any field work?
  • What milestones did you set out to accomplish?
  • When will you set time aside to complete each installment submission?
  • Do you have access to all necessary equipment, documents, and other resources? If not, when will you obtain all necessary materials for your project?
Student projects vary. There is no formal requirement. However, a good rule of thumb for a final thesis submission should cover at least 30 pages. Many Undergraduate Research Scholars write more than 30 pages.
Once you’re in the program you will have access to our Thesis Manual which contains detailed instructions and resource information for constructing the document. You will also have access to workshops, drop-in sessions, and you can even register for a special UGST 405 Thesis Writing Course. Please remember you should also be talking to your faculty advisor to learn how to write for your field.

This Thesis Manual is designed to assist Undergraduate Research Scholars and their faculty advisors in the preparation of theses by providing uniform standards of style and format while allowing enough flexibility to satisfy the accepted practices of different academic disciplines. The Undergraduate Research Scholars Thesis Manual has been adapted from the Thesis Manual published by Graduate and Professional Studies at Texas A&M University to emphasize the expectation that the resulting Undergraduate Research Scholar’s Thesis meets the same high standards for format and style as a professional publication.

You will receive a copy of the Thesis Manual on a USB drive at the Orientation in October once you are accepted into the program. You can also download the latest version of the Thesis Manual on our Resources page.

Application (Proposal and Timeline): Your faculty advisor must approve your application through the Scholars Thesis Submittal System (STSS). LAUNCH staff will review your faculty-approved application and may return it for revisions. Final approval into the URS program is granted by the LAUNCH office and must be completed within the deadlines given for revisions.

Research Compliance: The office of Research Compliance and Biosafety (RCB) is responsible for providing training and support to faculty, students, and staff in regulatory requirements for research. Research Compliance and Biosafety committees:

  1. Human Subjects: Institutional Review Board (IRB)
  2. Vertebrate Animals: Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)
  3. Biohazards: Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC)

Installment Submissions, Progress Reports, Presentation Reports: LAUNCH staff will review all mandatory submissions and may return installments for revisions. It is your responsibility to complete these within the URS program deadlines or provide a university-excused absence.

Final Thesis: LAUNCH staff will review your last submission of the thesis and may return it for revisions. Your faculty advisor must approve your final thesis through the Scholars Thesis Submittal System (STSS). Completion of the URS program is granted by the LAUNCH office and is dependent upon completion of all required activities and deadlines in the URS program.

There are three places you will submit documents:

  1. Google Forms (Part 1 of the Application)
  2. Scholars Thesis Submittal System (STSS) (Part 2 of the application and final thesis submission for faculty advisor approval)
  3. eCampus Community (installment and progress report submissions and presentation report)