2020 Class of '80 E. King Gill Selfless Service Nominees

LAUNCH is excited to present the 2020 Class of '80 E. King Gill Selfless Service Nominees:

College of Agriculture & Life Sciences

Aaron A. Smith, Poultry Science

College of Architecture

Jonas V. Simpson, Visualization

Mays Business School

Uzair Waheed, Business Honors and Finance double major

College of Education & Human Development

Genesis A. Chavarria, Kinesiology

College of Geosciences

Catherin A. Franklin, Geographic Information Systems Technology

College of Liberal Arts

Darcey M. Rydl, International Studies and Hispanic Studies double major

College of Nursing

Savannah J. Garcia, Nursing

School of Public Health

Monica E. Gunderson, Public Health

College of Science

Louis A. Cadena, Biology

College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences

Lauren M. Breazeale, Biomedical Sciences