Explorations Synopsis - Cover Artwork (Vol. 14)

Closed on 3/23/2022 at noon.

Explorations is an interdisciplinary journal open to all undergraduate students who have conducted research, scholarly, and creative work under faculty mentorship at Texas A&M University.

Application Details

Cover Artwork Submissions Now Due by March 23, 2022 at noon

Explorations welcomes research, scholarly and creative submissions of general interest from any discipline. We seek to highlight the most curious and innovative undergraduates pursuing intellectual and aesthetic experiences outside of the classroom. The undergraduate work we publish supports the university’s current Quality Enhancement Plan initiative, Aggies Commit to Learning for a Lifetime through fostering curiosity, innovation and independence. Recently published articles have been from a wide range of academic fields: music, creative poetry, forensics, cancer biology, astrophysics, nanomedicine, computer algorithms, business, geosciences, sociology, aerospace engineering, and cultural anthropology.

The first step to publication in Explorations is the synopsis submission. A synopsis for Explorations is essentially a cover artwork pitch. If invited, you will have the opportunity to submit a full manuscript (that addresses the questions asked in this form) and final cover artwork file at a later date.

By the time we finish reading your answers to our free response questions, the Explorations Board should broadly understand the question your research is trying to address, why addressing that question is important, and WHY your artwork should be the face of the next volume of Explorations.

All submissions must be rooted in research and conducted under a faculty member at Texas A&M University.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Completion of this submission application indicates a willingness to submit a full manuscript and final cover artwork file for publication in Explorations: The Texas A&M Undergraduate Journal. Authors work with editors and board members to polish their manuscripts. Manuscripts undergo a second round of faculty and student review. Provisionally accepted articles undergo further editing, and a final review and supporting paperwork (copyright, author biographies, faculty advisor endorsement, etc.) are required for publication. Final manuscripts and cover artwork files are due in early-May each year. Authors of Cover Artwork may have shorter articles.

Cover Artwork Synopsis Prompts (Vol. 14)

  1. What subject matter does your artwork address?
  2. How does your work engage with disciplinary paradigms, such as genre, school, style, or form.
  3. Briefly describe your methods, technique, and/or process, and explain how they are connected to your final product.
  4. What is the broader context of your artwork? What new knowledge does your artwork produce. How should your artwork be interpreted by your target audience?
  5. Is your cover artwork an original piece for Explorations, or has it been displayed/exhibited/published elsewhere? What role do you see your cover artwork serving the Explorations journal?
  6. If you are part of a team or collaborative group (undergraduates only) that produced this cover artwork, describe each member’s specific contributions to the project. If this does not apply to you, please write N/A.
  7.  You will also be asked to upload a draft version of the proposed cover artwork. All Cover Artwork submissions must be entirely original (use of stock photography or other images found online is strictly prohibited).

Cover Artwork Specifications

  1. Printing Requirements: Full design must be 8.625" by 11.125" (Portrait Orientation). This means that your 8.5” x 11” document includes a 1/8” bleed. Your design must extend to the edges of the document (i.e. Do not leave the bleed area blank unless it is intentional for the design). At least 300 dpi. Vector format is highly preferred for digital artwork. 
  2. More interactive forms of artwork are also acceptable; however, cover artwork must also be submitted in a form appropriate for high quality printing. 
  3. Note that we will place the Explorations and Texas A&M University logos, as well as a “tab” with the volume number and release date, on the cover design. See past issues for examples.