Honors Experience Points

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This form should be used by Honors students seeking Honors credit for a non-credit-bearing experience. ***Note: important instructions for this form may be missing if viewed on a mobile device.

Application Details

You are strongly encouraged to print out these instructions and share them with your faculty member as you design your Honors Experience.

This form should be used by Honors students seeking Honors credit for a non-credit-bearing experience. An Honors Experience contract allows a student to undertake work of a more complex and/or challenging nature to earn Honors credit for the experience. See the Teaching Honors Classes page for more information on what is expected from an Honors experience.


Honors Students in the University Honors Program are eligible to submit an Honors Experience contract.


  • Honors Experience contracts are intended to allow University Honors Students to get credit toward Honors Fellows distinction requirements for enriching experiences outside of the classroom.
  • Honors Experience contracts should be used for study abroad, internships, undergraduate research, and independent study experiences in which the student is not registered for credit.
  • Honors Experience contracts will only be approved for activities that demonstrate a high level of engagement and learning. Six weeks of engagement is a good standard, but exceptions can be made for especially intensive experiences (e.g. foreign language/culture immersion).
  • One Honors Experience point will be awarded per experience. The Honors Fellows distinction only allows a combination of up to three experience points in meeting requirements. See Honors Fellows Distinction page and visit with an Honors Advisor to ensure you understand how this experience will count toward distinction requirements.
  • DO NOT use this form for courses you are taking for credit. If you wish to obtain Honors credit for these classes you should instead complete the Honors Course Contract or Honors Independent Study form.


Meet with the professor, supervisor, or employer who will be overseeing your work to create:

  • An experience including a detailed description of tangible evidence of Honors-caliber work
  • Expectations and basis for evaluating your performance of the Honors-caliber work

Once submitted, your Honors Experience Point application will be routed to the person supervising the experience you intend to contract for Honors credit. After your supervisor has signed off, the approved contract application will be reviewed by University Honors Program staff for final approval.


Due to the nature of Honors Experiences, there is not a set deadline. Generally, applications should be submitted for review long enough before the experience begins so that you have time to change your plans, if necessary. Retroactive applications are discouraged.

You will be emailed a copy of your completed Honors Experience contract. You are strongly encouraged to keep this email for your records.

State law requires that you be informed of the following:

  1. You are entitled to request to be informed about the information about yourself collected by use of this form (with a few exceptions as provided by law).
  2. You are entitled to receive and review that information.
  3. You are entitled to have the information corrected at no charge to you.


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