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The ePortfolio is an online comprehensive collection of information about a person, like an enhanced multi-dimensional résumé. Often jobs or graduate programs require samples of work and--with your ePortfolio--you will already have begun to build this repertoire and will have gained experience organizing and presenting your work.


We expect you to update your ePortfolio annually. Our hope is that you find ways to individualize this and tailor it to your needs. If you have a requirement to build an ePortfolio for a class or for your major, we encourage you to adapt this to your needs instead of duplicating effort. To meet our expectations, your ePortfolio should provide answers the following questions: What?So What?, and Now What?


Interests, Opportunities, KSA

  • What are my interests and what opportunities do I see to pursue those at Texas A&M?
  • What are my long-term plans? How are these connected to my core values?
  • What classes, lectures, organizations, communities, events or experiences such as study abroad, undergraduate research, service, or internships have been meaningful to me? How have these reinforced my goals, refined them, or changed them?
  • What knowledge, skills and abilities (KSA) have I built to this point in my undergraduate career?
  • What papers or projects am I proud of and willing to show off?
  • What kinds of recognition have I received for my accomplishments?
  • What kinds of leadership roles have I taken on?

So What?

Reflect on why these experiences matter to you

  • Do I think that I am being well-served by these experiences?
  • How am I learning and growing as a result?
  • Am I meeting the TAMU Undergraduate Learning Outcomes?
  • What has surprised me in my undergraduate education?
  • What has caused me to feel excitement or accomplishment?
  • What has caused me to feel concern or disappointment?
  • How have I grown in my awareness of issues/questions/or problems in my intended field?

Now What?

Connect experiences & interests to your plans

  • How do I see the various aspects of my education, both in and out of the classroom, coming together to help me achieve my goals?
  • What gaps in my knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSA) do I need to fill?
  • How is (or how will) my capstone project help me build confidence in my knowledge, skills, and abilities as I embark on a career?
  • How will I celebrate my successes?
  • How will I respond to setbacks and disappointment?
  • What are my next steps in pursuing my long-term goals?

These questions are provided to guide your reflective efforts. There is no expectation that you answer all of the guiding questions, or that you organize them in separate sections. You are encouraged to structure your ePortfolio in whatever format best fits your needs. It will be especially helpful to give examples from your classes or student organizations that illustrate your answers. Students accustomed to our previous rubric may find this mapping to the new rubric helpful:

What? What am I planning?
What am I doing?
So What? What am I doing?
What happened to me?
Now What? What happened to me?


Schedule Expectation Feedback
Rising Sophomores Developing to Sufficient Self-assessment
Rising Juniors Sufficient to Proficient Advisor assessment
Rising Seniors Proficient to Exemplary Peer assessment

Click the image below to open a PDF of the ePortfolio assessment rubric.
Preview image of the ePortfolio assessment rubric


You can describe courses you have taken and make note of professors you connected with. You can keep track of work experience, groups you participate in, and awards you have won. An ePortfolio is also a great way to describe what research you are working on, study-abroad photos, a reflective journal, and anything else you have put effort into and would like to document and share.

Below are some examples that we have been given permission to share:




Here are additional resources that can help you understand the value of your ePortfolio:

  • Mays Business School Comm Lab has developed a "portfolio of the portfolio" that not only includes great examples of what kinds of information to include in your eportfolio, but also some great feedback from other students on the value of creating a portfolio
    • (BTW, business students, you don't need to create two different portfolios! We're happy for you to submit your business portfolio link.)
  • Honors Student Council has created a template you can use to start building your own ePortfolio: TAMU HSC Portfolio Template

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