2020-2021 Guidance from Campus

SAP 34.99.99.M0.03, Use of Face Coverings to Counter COVID-19 at Texas A&M University

Updated on 08/24/2020

SAP 34.99.99.M0.03, Use of Face Coverings to Counter COVID-19 at Texas A&M University  was recently revised.  Section 1.3 was expanded to provide details on what is considered an effective face covering and what is not appropriate.

I have a COVID-19-related illness/injury and can't keep up with classes. What do I do?

Updated on 04/14/2020

The Office of the Provost announced a new form that is available to students who are ill/injured and cannot keep up with their courses. Students should also review the following guidance:

  • If you are feeling ill, call your healthcare provider’s office or Student Health Services at (979) 458-8310 to determine if you should make an appointment, or visit: shs.tamu.edu
  • Contact your instructors to notify them of your illness.
  • Personal injury or an illness that is too severe or contagious for the student to attend class may be considered an excused absence under Student Rule 7. The student is responsible for providing documentation substantiating the reason for the absence, including reasons stated in Student Rule, Section 7.2. This documentation must be provided within three (3) business days of the last date of the absence, unless otherwise stated in this rule.

If your illness is impacting your ability to make progress in your courses and you can’t get in to see a medical provider, this form may be used in lieu of a medical confirmation note as required in Student Rule 7 during Spring and Summer 2020 terms only. Please refer to Student Rule 7 for guidance on class attendance and absences. This form must be submitted to the instructor within two (2) calendar days of return to class.

Visit tamu.edu/coronavirus for official updates. 

Where can I find COVID-19 policies for International Students?

Updated on 03/16/2020

International Student Services has COVID-19 guidance relating to health insurance, immigration status, travel, employment, ISS office operations and programing on their COVID-19 updates page.

How can I apply for Emergency Financial Aid?

Updated on 05/21/2020

Emergency Funds from the CARES Act are available for students now. For details regarding who qualifies, how to apply, and current data as of Friday, May 15, 2020, please visit the Scholarships & Financial Aid COVID-19 webpage. Students can apply using the Scholarships & Financial Aid Emergency Aid application.

Updated on 03/18/2020

From Texas A&M University’s Scholarships & Financial Aid office to all students that might need assistance with equipment to connect virtually for classes or pay for extra data usage, among other issues that may affect their financial stability due to the COVID-19 virus:

"We are prepared to assist each student with not only options they already have available, but whatever additional aid we can offer. At this time, we are asking students to complete the Emergency Aid Application. Our office will respond to individual students as soon as possible with all available options. If you require additional information or would like to discuss this in further detail, please visit or call our office at (979) 845-3236.”

Will changing my course to S/U impact my professional school application?

Updated on 03/27/2020
The office of Professional School Advising stated that "with the opportunity for students to decide to take a class S/U for the spring semester, the professional schools are now making decisions on whether to revise their policies and/or procedures." Updates to specific professional school policies on S/U (pass/fail) courses will be posted to tx.ag/opsa.

How will COVID-19 affect my student employment?

Updated on 03/16/2020
The Scholarships & Financial Aid office issued a statement on March 16, 2020 regarding student employment. View the statement.

Can I still eat on campus?

Updated on 03/16/2020

Chartwells On Campus Dining issued the following statement to the campus:

"All locations are still open and available for students with or without meal plans. That is our directive from the University and we’re following all policies & procedures. We spoke with our leadership and were advised to utilize the current Swipe Out Hunger program for any students in need during this time. There are currently 835 meals available to be donated for the remainder of the semester. Student Assistance Services would need to be involved to determine how those meals are distributed for students in need and follow the same process."

Be sure to direct all questions about meal plan refunds and policies to fda@tamu.edu.

How do I donate or get credit for my meal plan?

Updated on 03/16/2020

You can donate your remaining meal plans through the Swipe Out Hunger program. Your unused meals will help any students in need during this time. You must work with Student Assistance Services to donate your meals. 

Be sure to direct all questions about meal plan refunds and policies to fda@tamu.edu.

Students who wish to receive a refund (or credit) for dining must apply on the FDA Dining Credit website; the students' dining privileges will be suspended the business day following their application. This refund (or credit) will be calculated based upon the total amount of unused dining dollars and a prorated amount for meal plans based on the length of time between the business day following their application and May 9, 2020.

Can I get a refund for my parking permit?

Updated on 03/16/2020
Refunds for parking have been included in FAQs on the TAMU COVID-19 website and will be handled under normal procedures, found on the Transportation Services website

Can I leave my dorm early?

Updated on 03/16/2020
For residents canceling their housing contract, removing their belongings, and returning their key after March 24, room rent refunds or credits will be based on the number of nights between the date of check-out and the end of the contract term, May 9. Individuals who have questions about this process should contact Residence Life: (888) 451-3896 or (979) 845-4744 or the Reslife On-campus Housing website.

Who is hiring students right now? Are there remote jobs available?

Updated on 03/16/2020

U.S. Census Bureau

The Census Bureau is recruiting and people can work from home by phone. More information can be found at 2020census.gov.

Texas A&M University

Current Texas A&M Student Workers with technology skills who need to work remotely can express interest in helping faculty as they move courses online. Complete this application to receive more details.

Where can I get free Wifi?

Updated on 03/16/2020


Spectrum is offering FREE Broadband and FREE Wifi to students for 60 days. Visit the Spectrum website to find out more.


Comcast is offering low-income families who are new customers FREE Internet Essentials service for 60 days through their Xfinity services. In addition, Comcast announced that WiFi hotspots are free for everyone, data plans have been paused for 60 days to give everyone unlimited data for no charge, and there will be no disconnects or late fees if you contact them ahead of time. Find out more on the Comcast website.


Altice/Suddenlink is offering Altice Advantage broadband free for 60 days to any new household in our service area with K-12 and/or college students who may be displaced due to school closures and who do not currently have home internet access. If you live in the Optimum service area, please call 866.200.9522 or visit the Optimum Coronavirus website.

Where can I get a quick, free meal?

Updated on 03/16/2020

Are you in Bryan/College Station? Do you need a meal because of COVID-19 circumstances? If so, see the guidelines below to reserve a lunch or dinner for yourself.

Feed Maroon, a local non-profit, is providing free pick-up take-out meals for TAMU students in Bryan/College Station using a reservation system. Meals are being prepared and distributed at The Canteen in the Cavalry Court Hotel at Century Square for Feed Maroon. LAUNCH has a limited number of spots at each meal to offer to our students.

If you reserve a meal, you are committing to going to pick up that meal. Not doing so would waste the prepared food.

  • Meals are limited – Feed Maroon is only ordering enough food to make the designated number of meals.
  • Meals are only available at specific times for pick-up – Lunches 11:30 am and Dinners 5:00 pm – and will not be available for more than 1 hour at each time.
  • You should go to the pick-up location by yourself. Do not bring other people with you.
  • You will be required to show your TAMU identification card.
  • You are expected to arrive on time and practice social distancing as you wait.
  • Once you pick up your meal, you are expected to leave the area, again practicing social distancing.

Ready to get a meal? Fill out the Google Form by Wednesday, March 25 at 11:00am: https://forms.gle/nHHhvHWdhcbk54AGA

Any student that is needing assistance with food, please contact Student Assistance Services, https://studentlife.tamu.edu/sas/.

Any questions, please contact Bonnie Davila at bedavila@tamu.edu.

UPDATED 05/20/2021: Research Guidance Update

Updated on 05/20/2021

The VPR announced an extensive update regarding COVID-19 protocols. View the full update on the VPR's website.

COVID-19 and Human Subjects Research

Updated on 01/06/2021

The VPR announced the following about research on human subjects:

At this time, we are not considering additional restrictions or requirements for research, including those involving human participants. We will continue to monitor the situation, both in the community and among our employees and campus-resident students who are required to be tested over the next few weeks. However, I want to encourage you in the strongest possible terms to transition research involving human subjects to virtual interactions and to reduce or eliminate in-person interactions if at all feasible.

For the full update, visit https://vpr.tamu.edu/covid-and-human-subjects-research-1-6-2021.

NEW University SAP 15.99.99.M0.04, Responsible Conduct for Research

Updated on 08/24/2020

NEW University SAP 15.99.99.M0.04, Responsible Conduct for Research was recently approved. This SAP establishes University requirements for the training of students and postdoctoral researchers involved in University-related research, regardless of funding.

Those who will be impacted include:

  • Undergraduate students:  any undergraduate student who participates in research must complete online RCR training within 60 days from their initial involvement in the research activity. 
  • Graduate students:  depending on the type of research activity, graduate students must complete online RCR training within 60 days from commencement of the research activity and four hours of face-to-face training within the first six months of involvement with externally funded research.
  • Postdoctoral researchers:  all must complete online RCR training within 60 days of employment, and complete an additional four hours of fact-to-face training within the first six months of employment.

VPR Research Status and Plans Entering the Fall 2020 Semester

Updated on 08/12/2020

The following statement was released by the Vice President for Research (VPR) on 08/11/2020:

Undergraduate researchers are permitted for the fall 2020 semester with adherence to safety protocols and training per the guidance issued on July 21, 2020.

If the introduction of new researchers, whether undergraduate or graduate, cannot be accommodated within approved occupancy and social distancing constraints, PIs must submit revised plans for approval. Note that training of new researchers may be difficult while maintaining social distancing. It is essential that all parties wear appropriate PPE and minimize close contact in such cases.

See the full statement on the VPR's COVID-19 website.

In-person Undergraduate Research Guidelines

Updated on 07/21/2020

Distributed by the Office of the Provost on 07/21/2020

In-person Undergraduate Research Guidelines

As part of planning for the fall 2020 term, the following guidance is provided for in-person undergraduate research. This guidance applies to all undergraduate research activities including, but not limited to, credit-bearing research experiences, paid employment on a research project, paid lab-based student workers, organized undergraduate research programs, and research-oriented volunteer activities.

  • Research projects that students can complete remotely are exempt from these guidelines.
  • Unless previously approved prior to the start of the summer 2020 term, no undergraduate students may begin credit-bearing experiences  or new paid research positions prior to the start of the fall 2020 term.
  • Research supervisors wishing to host undergraduate researchers or student workers in research positions in fall 2020 must provide their department head with a document describing:
    • COVID-related safety measures ongoing in the research space including face covering, cleaning, physical distancing, and other measures as appropriate; the addition of undergraduate students in the research space must accommodate 6 ft physical distancing.
    • All research-specific safety training (COVID- and facility/space-related) that undergraduate students will be required to complete prior to initiation of research activities.

Research supervisors who choose not to host undergraduate researchers for credit-bearing experiences should refer students to their academic advisor for any related adjustments to the student’s fall course schedule.

Guidance on Graduate Student and Undergraduate Research Researchers

Updated on 06/08/2020

The Vice President for Research, Mark A. Barteau, issued Plans for Resumption of Clinical and Human Participant Research, Education, and Service Activities.

Can I conduct in-person undergraduate research in summer 2020?

Updated on 05/21/2020

To align with recent VPR guidance regarding undergraduate student workers employed in research settings, the eligibility for in-person credit-bearing undergraduate research has been expanded to include paid undergraduate student researchers who are returning to research programs/laboratories in which they have previous experience. They should be able to function with little further training or direct supervision so that physical distancing can be observed.


The original message describing the in-person undergraduate research request, including a link to the Qualtrics request form, can be found in the 05/08/2020 update below.

Please note that no new undergraduate researchers may be hired or permitted as volunteers. And, as noted previously, some colleges have established policies forbidding in-person undergraduate research for summer 2020. This approval process does NOT supersede any college policies regarding summer undergraduate research.

I am required to do undergraduate research in summer 2020 as part of my degree plan, but my research was cancelled due to COVID-19 policies. What do I do?

Updated on 05/08/2020

Undergraduate Studies is requesting information through a Qualtrics form to facilitate an approval process for students who need to complete in-person research to meet requirements for degree plans or for transformational learning programs. Please note the following:

  • Eligibility: Only students who are required to complete undergraduate research in summer 2020 to fulfill requirements for their degree or a transformational education program (e.g. Undergraduate Research Scholars). Students who are not required to complete research projects or who can defer research to a future term are not eligible.
  • Remote Research: This form is required only for students who need to conduct their research in an in-person format. Those who have projects that can be completed remotely do not require approval.
  • College Policies: Some colleges have established policies forbidding in-person undergraduate research for summer 2020. This approval process does NOT supersede any college policies regarding summer undergraduate research. Please distribute the link to others in your college as you feel most appropriate.
Link to Undergraduate Research Request Form: https://tamu.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_0HtsVIjX4ZqhBT7

How will COVID-19 affect my research project?

Updated on 04/03/2020

The Vice President for Research at Texas A&M has provided guidance for faculty, staff, graduate students, and undergraduate students involved in research activity on their website. View the VPR's Official Guidance on Research During COVID-19.


On March 31, 2020 Governor Abbot issued Executive Order GA-14, which identifies essential services in the state:

On 4/2/2020, the VPR announced that Texas A&M University, TEES, and AgriLife Research created forms for research groups to identify essential personnel and request approval for essential research: View the VPR's full statement from 4/2/2020.