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If you are a member of one of the remote campuses, please contact your campus administration for specific questions related to your campus.

Hullabaloo U's Tips To Be A Successful Online Learner

  • Treat online and on campus classes the same
    • Treat an online class the same way as an on-campus course.
    • Be prepared.
    • Your professors will have work you’ll do on your own time, as well as live, real-time lectures or discussions.
    • Be sure to dedicate the time necessary to do work on your own time.
  • Stay Engaged – It might feel more challenging right now, but our goal is for students to stay connected and engaged with the campus, their classmates, advisor, and faculty. 
    • Collaborate in online course discussions to better grasp the course materials and connect with classmates.
    • Set up a Google Hangout to have group discussions. 
    • Request a virtual meeting with your professor if you have questions about the material.
    • Reach out to your professor if you are falling behind with the online coursework for any reason. It’s better to get the help you need as early as possible.
  • Time Management
    • Plan ahead. Use a day planner or Google calendar to keep track of deadlines and assignments.
    • Create a daily and/or weekly schedule that includes online class time and study time.
    • Don’t multi-task.
    • Set a timer. Using a timer or phone alarm for 25-40 minutes allows you to work uninterrupted for a scheduled period of time and will help you stay on track.
    • Review each course syllabus to ensure you stay on top of upcoming tests and quizzes.
  • Practice mental wellness and avoid burnout
    • Take short 5-15 minute breaks after working on the computer for 25-40 minutes.
    • Move around and stretch.
    • Relax in ways that de-stress. Get a good night’s sleep, 7-8 hours, every day.
  • Staying focused and eliminating distractions will help you  meet deadlines and avoid procrastination.
    • Once again, set time aside each week as class time and study time.
    • Don’t let Netflix, Amazon shopping, or YouTube distract you from meeting course deadlines.
    • Figure out what strategy works best for you.
  • If you need help staying focused, consider creating lists using a project management tool, such as Trello or Smartsheet, to help organize tasks.
    • If you prefer a traditional to-do list, then look at digital notebooks like Todoist or Evernote.
    • Cold Turkey and Freedom can help eliminate distractions by blocking the apps and websites such as Youtube, Snapchat, and Twitter.
  • Academic Advisor
    • Reach out to your advisor for guidance and support.
    • Advisors are available via email, phone, and Zoom. 
  • Educational Environment
    • Wherever you choose to study, organize your space to help you focus on your studies; ensure reliable high-speed internet as best you can.
    • Headphones may be helpful if your professor posts a required course video to watch.
  • Keep your device(s) charged!

On March 25, Texas A&M University announced the COVID-19 Disaster Relief Fund. Your gift to the fund will support those suffering from financial hardship as a result of circumstances surrounding COVID-19, such as those Aggies who are struggling to find alternative housing or face unexpected moving expenses, or those facing food insecurity or lost wages.

More information on the Texas A&M Foundation's Disaster Relief Fund website

Click here to donate to the Disaster Relief Fund. 

Students seeking emergency aid as a result of circumstances surrounding COVID-19 should complete the Scholarships & Financial Aid Emergency Aid Application.