Leadership Scholars Capstone



WHAT: Develop an enhancement project for your student organization through a leadership model or theory.

WHY: Leadership Scholars learn about leadership theory, their own personal leadership style, and practice communicating about these topics in an interdisciplinary group.

HOW: LAUNCH has partnered with the Maroon & White Leadership Program to support the development of these skills. To complete the Undergraduate Leadership Scholars program, students must be accepted to the Maroon & White Leadership program, complete all requirements for students in that program, as well as use the theory and personal insight gained to complete an enhancement/improvement project in an organization they have a leadership role in, and be inducted into the Maroon and White Leadership Society.To learn more about the Maroon & White Leadership and its objectives and requirements, visit http://maroonandwhite.tamu.edu/. Registration in UGST 497 - Leadership is required in both semesters of the capstone.

WHEN: This is a Fall/Spring only capstone. Students interested in the Undergraduate Leadership Scholars capstone must apply and be accepted to the Maroon & White Leadership Program in their freshman or sophomore year in order to have enough time to complete the program. Students in the Maroon & White Leadership Program who are pursuing the Undergraduate Leadership Scholars capstone should complete this additional application in the spring before their capstone year begins.