Service Scholars Capstone


WHAT: Collaborate with a community agency and create a project that focuses on service. 

WHY: Service Scholars will learn how to connect their values and skills to needs in their community and how to sustainably address these. Through collaborating with a community partner, they will get practice communicating key ideas to address needs and assess the impact of the project. 

HOW: The Undergraduate Service Scholar Capstone is a two-semester experience that uses community service and self-reflection to enable students to see how their values, education and career goals coincide with real-world problems. Students will first identify a community organization on or off campus that has needs that match up to their knowledge, skills, and abilities, and work with the community organization to identify a project which leverages those skills to fulfill a need. Registration in UGST 497 - Service is required in both semesters of the capstone.

WHEN: This capstone can be run Fall/Spring or Spring/Fall. Students interested in the Undergraduate Service Scholars capstone should apply to the program before the end of add/drop in the semester they start the program.