Undergraduate Teacher Scholar Capstone


WHAT: Enhance an existing course for a Texas A&M faculty member or create a seminar on a topic that interests you.

WHY: Teacher Scholars learn pedagogical skills such as setting learning objectives and creating learning experiences to achieve those, as well as identifying assessment strategies to evaluate learning. They also get practice with schedule coordination, classroom management, and extensive public speaking and discussion coordination.

HOW: The Undergraduate Teacher Scholar Capstone is a two-semester experience in which students can choose between developing a new 1 credit seminar (small, interactive) course, or develop educational material to enhance an already existing course. Both options require the Undergraduate Teacher Scholar (UTS) to identify a faculty mentor who will work with the UTS to prepare educational material during the first semester and will be the instructor of record during the second semester. Registration in UGST 497 - Teaching is required in both semesters of the capstone.

WHEN: This capstone can be run Fall/Spring or Spring/Fall. Students interested in the Undergraduate Teacher Scholars capstone should apply to the program before the end of add/drop in the semester they start the program.