Honors Peer Mentor Fund

2018 Peer Mentors

Your $1,000 gift will support a named Honors Peer Mentor position for one year.

Honors Peer Mentors share advice and experiences to help ease students’ transition to campus, as well as foster community and memories that will last a lifetime.

At the end of the year, you will receive an update on your named Honors Peer Mentor’s service and leadership achievements, along with a photo of them with their door placard.

Student Voices

“I was involved in theatre with the same troupe for 10 years prior to coming to college, and it was not until I left this group that I really realized the importance of tightly-knit community. I see love and understanding within LechFadden, and believe this community to be worth investment. As a SA, I wish to share this quality of LechFadden with my future Honors Family freshman so that they can smoothly and happily integrate into this community, which is beginning to hold such a special place in my heart.”

- Annabel Perry ‘22
“My SA was a fantastic help when I was getting accustomed to college life and I didn’t meet a single SA who didn’t feel extremely welcoming and open to helping me with any issues or troubles I might’ve had. Being able to interact with the SAs of this year definitely made me strive to work harder than I probably would have before because of how much effort they looked to be putting in. Seeing the effort they put in inspired me to want to carry on the kind of help that they gave to me by paying it forward with my efforts to help the community next year.”

- Jared Streeter ‘22

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Honors Peer Mentors and Their Donors
Peer Mentor Scholarship Donor
Kenna Ashen '22 Stephen Horn '79
Terence Bailey II '22 Stephen Horn '79
Lalit Bauskar '22 Tammira Phillipe '95
Abigale Chandler '22 Stephen Horn '79
Cindy Chau '22 Stephen Horn '79
Emma Garza '22 Stephen Horn '79
Hugo Gonzalez '22 Stephen Horn '79
Ginny Hinds '22 Stephen Horn '79
Michael Jadwisiak '22 April Diel '93
Younghee Grace Jeon '22 Stephen Horn '79
Eric Lam '22 Stephen Horn '79
Michael Lee '22 Stephen Horn '79
Alyssa Low '22 Stephen Horn '79
Marco A. Martinez Jr. '22 Stephen Horn '79
Archana Murthy '22 Stephen Horn '79
Lexie Parrish '21 Stephen Horn '79
Annabel Perry '22 Nurture Pediatrics
Ryan Ansley Malia Randle '20 Stephen Horn '79
Lacey Restemyer '22 Stephen Horn '79
Ysela Rodriguez '22 Stephen Horn '79
Meagan Sheffield '22 Stephen Horn '79
Jared Streeter '22 Stephen Horn '79
Cecilia Torres '22 Stephen Horn '79
Rahul Vegiraju '22 Stephen Horn '79
Victoria White '22 Stephen Horn '79
Gabriel Zolton '21 Stephen Horn '79

We welcome and need your support at all levels.

2019 University Honors Scholarship Donation Levels
Endowed University Honors Peer Mentor Scholarship $50,000
University Honors Donor (one year scholarship) $2,000
Summa Cum Laude Donor $1,000 - $1,999
Magna Cum Laude Donor $500 - $999
Cum Laude Donor $250 - $499