Angela Hood '91

A portrait of Angela Hood, Panelist

Angela Hood is the Founder/CEO of ThisWay, a VC backed, multi-million dollar artificial intelligence company, built upon her research and development at University of Cambridge in England.

Now operating across the world, ThisWay provides companies and governments with a suite of solutions that delivers unbiased job-to-candidate matching.

ThisWay’s acclaimed technology was named Innovation of the Year for the HR tech industry experts and Angela has been named Most Influential Women in Tech, Entrepreneur of the Year and last month was selected as outstanding entrepreneur and featured by University of Cambridge.

Her ground-breaking work in artificial intelligence and de-biasing is often referenced in international research and is featured in a Simon & Schuster book that was released late last year.

This year Angela Hood has also been nominated for Outstanding Alumni by her undergraduate alma mater, College of Architecture and Dept of Construction Sciences at Texas A&M University.