Class of 2022 University Scholars

Andrew Winn
  • Andrew Winn '22
  • Major: Mathematics and Statistics
  • Hometown: Denton, Texas
I'm Andrew Winn, a Mathematics and Statistics double major originally from Denton, Texas, expecting to graduate in Spring 2020. This summer (2019), I researched perfect matching algorithms at the Fields Institute, and I will be starting research in algebraic geometry this fall. I'm the president of A&M's chapter of Pi Mu Epsilon (a mathematics honor society) and an officer in Aggie Rotaract (the university wing of Rotary International). I also volunteer for the TAMU Math Circle, a weekly secondary-school outreach program which aims to show students the parts of mathematics they don't experience in a typical public school curriculum. I enjoy running, bicycling, reading (mostly social science), listening to podcasts and music, and playing cello and guitar. After university, I intend to go to graduate school in applied statistics and would also like to teach high school mathematics, at least for a few years. I am a National Merit Scholar and a recipient of the A&M President's Endowed Scholarship.
Annabel Perry
  • Annabel Perry '22
  • Major: Biomedical Sciences
  • Hometown: Milford, Texas
Annabel Perry is a Biomedical Sciences Major with minors in Philosophy and Neuroscience. She plans on obtaining her master’s and Ph.D. in neuroscience so that she can research the biological mechanisms behind psychiatric disorders such as anorexia nervosa, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder. She served as a research assistant in Dr. Brian Anderson’s cognitive psychology lab in Spring, 2019.
     Annabel serves as a Sophomore Advisor for the University Honors program and works as a peer tutor. While at home in Milford, Texas, Annabel volunteers at a local food bank and at her local library, where she helped start a children’s science program. Annabel has been involved in theatre since she was 7 years old, and currently performs with the A&M Department of Performance Studies. Annabel is a black belt in taekwondo and teaches at her home dojo during the summer. She loves to empower young girls by passing on her martial arts knowledge to them. She also enjoys guitar, drawing, fantasy novels, anime, kpop, pandas, and Dungeons and Dragons.
Archana Murthy
  • Archana Murthy '22
  • Major: Biology and Philosophy
  • Hometown: Flowermound, Texas
Howdy! My name is Archana Murthy, and I am a Biology-Philosophy double major and Anthropology minor of the Class of 2022 from Flower Mound, TX. I am studying with the intention to matriculate into medical school and to, one day, be a physician able to help others with my practice. Having spent my freshman year in the University Honors Program, I decided to become a Sophomore Advisor in the program, and am humbled to further my affiliation with LAUNCH by participating in the University Scholars Program. My freshman year, I also joined TAMU Sahithya, A&M’s only Indian Classical dance competition team, and I perform periodically at SPICMACAY TAMU events. I am also Vice-President of an organization called TAGS (Texas Aggie Green Society), an initiative aiming to educate the community about our environment and the issues surrounding it. 
My hobbies include all performance arts (dancing, singing, speaking, acting, etc.) and reading, writing, and other creative endeavors. I also enjoy lazing at home with my family, being bizarre with my friends, and drinking hot chai while discussing Harry Potter with anyone who’ll listen. 
Brandon Lookfong
  • Brandon Lookfong '22
  • Major: Biomedical Engineering
  • Hometown: Houston, Texas
Howdy, my name is Brandon Lookfong and I am a Biomedical Engineering major from Houston, Texas, but more importantly, I am the loudest and the proudest member of the fighting Texas Aggie class of 2022. I am the recipient of the Presidential scholarship, the Greater Texas Foundation scholarship, and the Pi scholarship. Currently, I am serving as a Beckman scholar researching the use of functionalized proteins for nerve cell growth in the hopes of using the material to help those with damaged nervous systems. I have also researched the use of shape memory alloys in wing panels to alter shockwaves in the hopes of mitigating sound in supersonic flight and using nanoparticles in a hydrogel for bioprinting replicas of human organs. At Texas A&M I serve as an Aggie Family Ambassador, Peer Mentor, and member of the Texas A&M Emergency Care Team. Through these organizations, I volunteer and give back to the Aggie family. Aside from school, I spend my time playing the guitar and piano, in addition to painting and photography.
Jaime Cepeda
  • Jaime Cepeda '22
  • Major: Finance
  • Hometown: Mission, Texas
Jaime Cepeda is currently a Finance major who plans on adding an Economics minor from Mission, Texas, a small city located in the Rio Grande Valley. He is interested in one day being able to work in one of the best investment and financial companies in Wall Street, specifically Goldman Sachs. Jaime is currently part of Latino Logradores and serves as the Sports Coordinator for the Mexican Student Organization. Some of his personal interests are hanging out with his close friends, listening to music, playing sports, and dancing Cumbias literally wherever and whenever he gets the chance to. He is a soccer enthusiast, spending all of his weekends watching soccer games from all over the world and supporting his favorite club soccer team, Tigres UANL from Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico.
Kalista Bailey
  • Kalista Bailey '22
  • Major: Computer Engineering
  • Hometown: Katy, Texas
My name is Kalista Bailey. I am a computer engineering student from Katy, Texas, projected to graduate in the spring of 2022. I have had the honor of being the recipient of such scholarships as the PwC Ace and Leon Bailey Trust awards. Specific areas of research I intend to pursue are the roles of technology in education and entertainment. I enjoy the opportunity to become involved in volunteer programs, participating in outreach efforts with my local church which have provided disaster relief for Hurricane Harvey victims, hosts free ESL classes, and coordinates educational programs for children across the Houston area. Additionally, I’ve had the opportunity to volunteer with campus hosted programs such as The Big Event. While I have devoted my academic efforts to math and science, I have a passion for performance, continuing to pursue that passion by participating in Texas A&M’s Freudian Slip Improv Comedy Troupe. Other organizations I have had the opportunity to be a part of are the Aggie Coding Club and the Phi Eta Sigma Honors program.   
Lydia Simmons
  • Lydia Simmons '22
  • Major: International Studies
  • Hometown: Fort Worth, Texas
Lydia Mae Simmons is an International Studies major from Fort Worth, Texas. Within her major, her focus language is Spanish and her track is International Politics and Diplomacy. During her freshman year at Texas A&M, Lydia was an officer of the campus chapter of International Justice Mission as their VP of Communications. She will continue serving this same organization during her sophomore year as the VP of Communications, VP of Campus Outreach, and Chief-of-Staff. Lydia is also a member of the International Studies Honors Program and Liberal Arts Cornerstone Honors, and hopes to continue her education by pursuing an M.A. in Public Policy from the Bush School of Government. Because of her belief that all are created with inherent value and purpose, she hopes to use her life to fight human trafficking and other human rights abuses, and bring light into the dark places of the world.
Outside of academics, Lydia loves reading both fiction and nonfiction books, and going to coffee shops or watching Netflix with her friends. She also enjoys exploring her creative side through calligraphy and floral illustrations, and hopes to learn embroidery and weaving in the future.
Nkemdi Anyiam
  • Nkemdi Anyiam '22
  • Major: Computer Science
  • Hometown: Richardson, Texas
Nkemdi Anyiam is a Computer Science major from Richardson, Texas. His studies are focused on art and new media, and he plans to add a minor in game design in the future. During his time at Texas A&M, he has participated in the Engineering Honors program and has also received the Dean's Honor Roll distinction. While he has yet to do any official research at A&M, he has begun his own independent study on the feasibility of incorporating mental health education into middle schools. He has also sought to give back to his community while in college, serving as a volunteer peer note-taker for Student Disability Services in his Political Science class, and volunteering at Big Event with 12th Can members. His hobbies include art (both digital and on paper), digital music production, piano, and video games. 
Ryan Rahman
  • Ryan Rahman '22
  • Major: Biology
  • Hometown: Lubbock, Texas
Ryan Rahman is a class of 2022 biology major from Lubbock, Texas. His honors/awards include acceptance into the selective Beckman Scholar program, the Texas A&M President’s Endowed Scholarship, and the  National Merit Commendation. Ryan is a well-rounded student who enjoys not only learning but also singing (as he did in Texas A&M University’s two-time national championship a cappella team, Swaram), playing tennis, conducting research as a Beckman Scholar in the Gomer lab (which focuses on understanding eukaryotic cell proliferation through the Dictyostelium model), and serving his community through volunteering. As the Global Health Committee Head of the Texas A&M chapter of the American Medical Student Association, Ryan is determined to follow the pre-medical path and make a difference through his love of science and people by becoming a physician.
Sunjay Letchuman
  • Sunjay Letchuman '22
  • Major: Business
  • Hometown: Shreveport, Louisiana

My name is Sunjay Letchuman (Class of 2022), and I am a Business Honors major from Shreveport, Louisiana. I am a National Merit Scholar and a recipient of the President’s Endowed Scholarship. I am interested in studying health policy and working in the healthcare field. I am incredibly passionate about research, and I am currently involved with two projects. As a student researcher, I work in a laboratory studying spinal cord injury under the direction of Dr. Jennifer Dulin. Additionally, I am working on a health policy project about patient safety under the direction of Dr. Kayla Cline. The combination of business and medicine fascinates me, and I plan to combine these two fields in my career. I am the president of Texas A&M Moderates, which is a political organization aimed at facilitating healthy discussions about political issues and normalizing political conversation.
Outside of school, I volunteer at CHI St. Joseph Hospital, and I hang out with my friends and family. I enjoy playing tennis, ice skating, and skiing whenever possible. Most importantly, however, I love traveling and meeting new people every day.

Ysela Rodriguez
  • Ysela Rodriguez '22
  • Major: Biomedical Engineering
  • Hometown: Everman, Texas
Ysela Rodriguez is a sophomore Biomedical Engineering major from Everman, Texas. Her academic interests include ocular prosthetics and epidemiology of viral diseases. Her personal interests include gaming, anime, and weightlifting. Through the Biomedical Research Certificate program, she conducts research into health disparities regarding language barriers between patients and physicians. Additionaly, Ysela is involved in the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE), Women in Engineering (WE), TANSA, is the VP of social media for Honors Student Council, and also works for Residence Life. As an undergraduate researcher in the PATHS-UP program, she presented research on identifying microRNA that can be used to diagnose cardiovascular disease from a patient’s saliva. Ysela hopes to mentor upcoming UScholars just as she was mentored by her upperclassmen.