Peer Mentors

Peer mentors go by different names depending on the LC: peer mentor, sophomore advisor, community leader, section leader, etc. No matter what their official title, peer mentors are essential to the learning community experience.
Students can expect peer mentors to
  • listen
  • share their campus knowledge
  • help them determine options 
  • connect them with campus or community resources
  • communicate frequently
  • teach them about new things
Mentors can expect students to
  • respond to communications
  • participate fully in class or at events
  • ask questions
  • respect their time
  • have fun
  • let them know when they need help
  • teach them about new things

Peer Mentor Training

The LAUNCH: Learning Communities Peer Mentor Training Program is a certified International Peer Educator Training Program through the College Reading and Learning Association. Peer Mentor Selects complete a large portion of the LAUNCH: Learning Communities Peer Mentor Training toward a Level I Mentor ("Certified") certificate in the spring semester. Training continues prior to fall semester and with monthly development opportunities within specific learning communities. Peer Mentors are able to complete both the  Level II Mentor ("Advanced") and Level III Mentor ("Master") certificates by the end of the academic year. Peer Mentors earn their certificates by completing specific training sessions for each level and mentoring for 50 hours (Level I), 75 hours (Level II), or 100 hours (Level III). 

Camp Mentor

The culmination of training for peer mentors in Century Scholars and GTF Aggie Scholars learning communities, Camp Mentor occurs the week before campus move-in.

Camp Mentor starts on campus and concludes at an off-site retreat center on the third day. Camp Mentor peer leaders refresh their knowledge of academic coaching, community-building, student transition issues, and group dynamics. During planning sessions, each LC finalizes the calendar for the year, prepares for Howdy Week events, and gets ready for the first week of classes.  Mentors have a lot of fun too!