If you are on probation, you still receive your Century Scholarship.

If your scholarship has been suspended, you will not receive payments during the semester(s) of your suspension status.

Failure to meet one requirement in either category (academic or participation) will result in a probationary period for the semester(s) in which you fail to meet the requirement. If you fail to meet the same requirement in any semester following probation, your Century Scholarship will be suspended.

In order to reinstate your scholarship after suspension, you must meet all academic and participation requirements at the end of the semester that you apply for reinstatement.

Faculty Visits must take place with a Texas A&M faculty member. Staff members, graduate students, postdocs, or other non-permanent employees do not meet the requirements for the Faculty Visit. Consult the Century Scholars Program Coordinator if you are unsure of the status of the person you would like to meet with.