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The First Year Eats program, part of the Texas A&M Hunger Consortium, focuses on breaking down food insecurity on campus. LAUNCH presents the First Year Eats program that allows students to participate in various opportunities to receive food resources such as Crockpot meals, Monday meals, and our FYEats Store with various grocery store items. Today, many people worldwide struggle with hunger and food insecurity due to being financially unable to support their basic needs. We want to eliminate students' thoughts of "where my next meal will come from" as we seek to establish food security. This program strives to provide students in the First Year Eats program with food to narrow the gap of food insecurity.

In order for us to efficiently serve students, sign-ups are required for ALL meals.  A email will be sent out on a weekly basis for students


  • Upon arrival at Henderson Hall, students will scan the QR code and fill out the google form so we know you are ready to pick up your items.  
  • You will come up to the 2nd floor of Henderson Hall where a team member will have your items ready to give to you.
  • Should you need help transporting your items, a team member will be glad to assist you.


  • Monday Meals: The First Year Eats program presents Monday Meals! Students can pick up home-cooked meals every other Monday (12:30 pm-2:30 pm) from the 2nd floor of Henderson Hall. Registration is required. 
  • Crock-Pot Meals: FYEats will provide Crock Pot Meals for students in Clements hall available for pick up every other Thursday (2 PM-6 PM), starting September 9th. These meals will include pre-portioned out ingredients and the chance to check out a crockpot for a week. Registration is required.
  • FYEats Store: FYEats will provide a store option for students in Clements Hall. Students will sign up to receive the various grocery store items.  Items will vary depending on the theme decided upon each week. 
  • Eggs: Eggs sponsored by MPS Egg Farms available for pick up on every other Monday (2 PM-5 PM), every other Thursday (2 PM-6 PM). No registration is required.
  • Other 
    • Instagram Live Events: FYEats team will host virtual events to show students how to cook quick, easy, and affordable meals
    • Crock Pot Cooking Videos: FYEats team will create tutorial videos on how to cook different easy crockpot meals. These are pre-recorded videos that we will upload to our Youtube channel.

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