Undergraduate Research Scholars Symposium

LAUNCH Undergraduate Research Scholars Symposium

February 23-March 2, 2022

On February 23, 2022, LAUNCH: Undergraduate Research will hold its fifth annual LAUNCH Undergraduate Research Scholars Symposium. Presentations will be made available to the Texas A&M campus community through the ForagerOne-Symposium platform until March 2, 2022. The Symposium showcases undergraduate researchers in the LAUNCH Undergraduate Research Scholars (URS) thesis program.

The URS thesis program provides undergraduates with a graduate student experience by allowing them to participate in research, produce a professional document, and communicate their findings as principal authors to the University's scholarly community. The URS Symposium also fulfills the URS thesis program requirement for students to do a public presentation and offers them a chance to receive constructive feedback on their research projects and presentation skills.

Faculty, staff, and post-docs have been invited to be active listeners and provide written feedback on research projects and presentation skills. Undergraduate students in LAUNCH: Honors and LAUNCH: Learning Communities programs will also access presentations and be assigned reflection activities to help them discover their own research interests and develop their communication skills. 

Undergraduate students from all disciplines are encouraged to participate in the virtual, asynchronous URS Symposium to learn more about how to get involved in research at Texas A&M University. Check out highlights on TAMU Today from the first URS Symposium in 2017-2018!

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Current Undergraduate Research Scholars can find registration information in the 2021-2022 URS Canvas Community. Please direct questions about registration to ugr@tamu.edu.

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The Undergraduate Research Scholars Symposium is proudly supported by LAUNCH: Undergraduate Research, Undergraduate Studies, and The Association of Former Students.

Contact LAUNCH: Undergraduate Research with inquiries about the event.