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U. S. Department of Energy/National Nuclear Security Administration Laboratories

Los Alamos National Laboratory Los Alamos, New Mexico
The Los Alamos National Laboratory mission is to develop science and technology across multiple disciplines
to ensure the reliability of the nation’s nuclear deterrent, reduce global threats and find solutions to other
security and energy challenges. Specific mission areas include:
◆ Nuclear Deterrence Stockpile Stewardship: Providing an important component for national security by
ensuring a security hedge, reassuring allies and serving as a disincentive to adversaries.
◆ Protecting against Nuclear Threats: Exercising unique capabilities and expertise in nonproliferation,
counterproliferation and counterterrorism to prevent the unwanted dissemination and/or use of nuclear
◆ Emerging Threats, Cybersecurity: Providing solutions to threats emerging worldwide, including cyber-
physical vulnerabilities, threats in space, new technology and other emerging threats.
◆ Energy Security Solutions: Developing energy security through experimental and high-performance
computational modeling and simulation.
Science capability pillars include:
◆ Information Science and Technology: Leveraging advances in theory, algorithms and the exponential
growth of high-performance computing to accelerate the integrative and predictive capability of the
scientific method, in particular in the areas of data science at scale, computational co-design and complex
◆ Materials for the Future: Pursuing the discovery science and engineering required to establish design
principles, synthesis pathways and manufacturing processes that control functionality in materials relevant
to our missions.
◆ Nuclear and Particles Futures: Integrating nuclear experiments, theory and simulation to understand and
engineer complex nuclear phenomena.
◆ Science of Signatures: Discovering new signatures, revolutionizing the measurement of signatures and
engineering and deploying advanced signature-related technologies from the lab to the field.

Visit the National Laboratories Office website for more information on laboratory opportunities and user facilities available to TAMU System faculty. Contact us for assistance or questions.

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