URS Partner Programs

Highlights Over the Years

2018 - 2019
Name Thesis Advisor
Ashley Arabia Michelle or Michael or Whatever Dr. Lowell White
Reagan Ashley Candles and Thorns Dr. Lowell Mick White
Allyson Nichole Bains Sanchez The Vill Chronicles: Prophecy (Pending Publication)  
Adalynn L. Brock Peas, Bees, and Birds Dr. Lowell White
Lewis William Edwards A Thousand Golden Yesterdays Dr. Jason Marc Harris
Eliza Thomas Queen of a Sun-Drenched Land Dr. Lowell M. White
Riley C. Womack "Memory's Folly: Narrative Trauma in the Aftermath of the Vietnam War" Dr. Jason Harris
2018 - 2019
Name Thesis Advisor
Lauren Gonzalez The Evolution of Ideas about Sport through Medieval Literature Dr. Britt Mize
Morgan Knobloch Framing Feminism: How Catholic Women Use Blogging to Navigate a “Secular” Discourse on Feminism Through a Religious Lens Dr. Heidi A. Campbell
Ryan Randle Songs of the Dying Swan (Pending Publication)  
Sarah Trcka “Quia Similia Similibus Applaudant”: Visual Variations of Genesis 3 in the Medieval Mind (Pending Publication)  


2017 - 2018
Name Thesis Advisor
Sarah Kilpatrick The Guilt of the Symbol: Who Learns What in a Didactic Trial? Dr. Richard J. Golsan
James Dietz Choosing Forgiveness After Genocide Dr. Richard J. Golsan
Matthew Kiine The People v. Simpson: A Made for Court TV Drama Dr. Richard J. Golsan
Megan Collier Recreating Values: Morality in Adaptations of Beowulf for Children (Pending Publication)  
Cody Ellis Fact from Fiction: The Evolution of the Cleopatra Legend (Pending Publication)  


2016 - 2017
Name Thesis Advisor
Patrick Dolan There Will Come A Time When The People Expect War Dr. Britt Mize
Claire Nowka “What Kinship Should Mean:” An Examination of the Ethnic and Nationalist Themes Within Beowulf Adaptations (Pending Publication)  
Clella Evans Ruth's Pedagogy: Intersections of Sexuality and Class in Somatic Metaphor and Imagery Dr. Jessica Howell
Kimberly Fayard The Picture of Social Power: A Study of the Infectious Influence of Ideology in The Picture of Dorian Gray Dr. Jessica Howell
Nicole Green Lemonade: A Gateway Drug (Pending Publication)  


2015 - 2016
Name Thesis Advisor
Holly Hayden Foreign Women on the Ancient Mediterranean Sea Dr. Deborah Carlson
Victoria Hodges A Journey in Chains: a study of the ancient Roman slave trade Dr. Deborah N. Carlson
Brooke Kaiser Gender Roles of the Deities at Sea in Antiquity Dr. Deborah Carlson
Jonathan Ramos Mare Fortunatum: Literary Connections Between the Sea and Fortuna in Ancient Roman Literature Dr. Deborah Carlson
Steven Ramos Sea Monsters in Ancient Greece: An Etiological and Iconographic Analysis Dr. Deborah N. Carlson
Heidi Jauregui Food Insecurity Among Minority College Students: A Real Problem? Dr. Sarah N. Gatson
Hannah Klein Everybody Eats: An Analysis of Citizenship, Minority Food Insecurity, and Community Gardens Dr. Sarah N. Gatson
Christina Owens Shapeshifter and Chameleon: Grendel as an Indicator of Cultural Fears and Anxieties Dr. Britt Mize
Erin Simoni The role of Violence and Death in Children’s Adaptations of Beowulf from 1910-1968 Dr. Britt Mize
Kelsey Morgan Sacred and Profane: A Not-So-Southern Controversy Dr. Nandra Perry
Mary Caroline Sonnier Conversion and Conflict: Raising the Stakes Dr. Nandra Perry


2014 - 2015
Name Thesis Advisor
Humberto Gonzalez Nunez What To Do After The 'Death of God'?: An Analysis of Resentment and Social/Political Exclusion Dr. Daniel Conway
Steven Haug Tracing the development of a Theory of Language through Heidegger’s Works "Dr. Daniel Conway and Dr. Apostolos Vasilakis"
Laura Reid Aggie by Choice; Campus Innovator by Necessity Dr. Daniel Conway
Zachary Kalmbach The Effect of Ridesharing Services on Drunk Driving Dr. Amy Glass
Amy Arndt Songs of Discord: Ballads of Revolution and Revolt Dr. Jennifer Wollock
Grace Kelly Ballad Tradition in the 21st Century: The Outlaw Ballad Dr. Jennifer Goodman Wollock
Matthew Greeson The Paradigmatic American Occupation of Germany In Comparative Perspective Dr. Adam Seipp
Patrick Robertson Sir Walter Scott Dr. Jennifer Goodman Wollock


2013 - 2014
Name Thesis Advisor
Christopher Black The Disenchanted: A Modern Consideration of the Transformative Force of Technicity Dr. Claire Katz
Stephanie Courtright Defining Oblivion Dr. Nathan Bracher
Desirae Embree Speaking Absence: Considering the Voice in Auschwitz Dr. Claire Elise Katz
Michael Gonzalez The Educational Potential of the Comic Hero Dr. Claire Katz
Jessi Green Staged Messages of Feminine Virtue Dr. Claire Katz
Mikayla Hall European Migrations and Their Governments in the Context of WWII Dr. Nathan Bracher
Mason Morgan Monsters in the East Dr. Nathan Bracher
Henry Sekula Nothing Works: The Enlightenment, Discourse, and the Failure of Reason Dr. Claire Katz


2012 - 2013
Name Thesis Advisor
Marissa Madsen Dead Babies, Bowel Disturbances, and Other Combat Humor in Afghanistan and Iraq Dr. Marian Eide
Oshea Stephen From the Land of Genesis Dr. Marian Eide
2018 - 2019
Name Thesis Advisor
Harrison Richter Cameras in the United States Supreme Court: Judicial Transparency & the Obligation Thereof Dr. Linda Radzik and Prof. Meg Penrose
Sarah Claye Epperson Litigating Women: The Path to Intermediate Scrutiny in American Law (Pending Publication) Dr. Katherine Unterman and Dr. Randy Gordon