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LAUNCH: Capstones provides a year-long integrative experience that allows students to combine their career goals, majors, and interests in faculty-mentored independent projects that focus on leadership, research, community service, teaching, or performance. All students at Texas A&M can apply to complete a capstone.

All of our capstones meet the following expectations:

  1. Have a proposal process that demonstrates synthesis of the background and theory of the field,
  2. Have a timeline describing when you will meet expectations and be evaluated,
  3. Be completed under the guidance of a faculty mentor (or similar expert), and
  4. Have extended commitment, either taking place over more than one semester or be an equivalent investment of time.
  5. Require periodic reflection on the learning taking place,
  6. Result in a scholarly product appropriate for the field,
  7. Include a public presentation (n.b. if a departmental capstone is used, the public presentation must be someplace more public than the class for which the project was completed).

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