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Faculty & Staff

TAMU faculty and staff are an integral part of the community of scholars which we foster for our students. This page serves as a resource for quick access to information about our programs. 

Get Involved
Are you looking for an opportunity to interact with highly-motivated and bright undergraduates? Find information here on how you can take part in our programs.

Teaching Honors Classes
Are you devloping a new course?  Have you been asked to oversee an Honors Course Contract? Find information here on what makes an Honors course experience unique.

Directing Undergraduate Research
Do you want to help train the next generation of scholars? Whether you are hiring student workers in your lab, mentoring a student writing a thesis, or applying for a research grant, our office has resources that can help.

Supporting National Fellowship Applicants
Nationally-competitive scholarships and fellowships open doors for some of our most promising young scholars. Our office serves as the clearinghouse for competitions that require institutional nominations. In this process we help guide students who are preparing for application and we coordinate faculty committees for nominating the best applicants.

Have your students conducted research that they want to share? Do you know of a student who is a talented artist? Explorations: The Texas A&M Undergraduate Journal provides a platform for students to publish scholarly and creative work accomplished during their undergraduate study at TAMU.

Awards and Recognition

Our programs depend on committed faculty. The awards conferred by our office help recognize some of the faculty most dedicated to working with our talented undergraduates.