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About Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate Research is a recognized "high impact" educational practice which provides students an opportunity for deep, integrative learning beyond the classroom.  Whereas to some people "research" might conjure up men with crazy hair in white lab coats pouring smoking colored liquids back and forth in a laboratory, research at Texas A&M means much more, including discovery in any field of academic endeavor, as well as scholarly and creative activities.

Research is done in laboratories, but also in cities, forests, deserts, libraries, studios, archives, museums, and on ships. It occurs deep underwater and in space. When you become an undergraduate researcher you enter the process of discovery and creation: delving into things that have never been seen before, inventing new processes, creating new pieces, looking for evidence to support new ideas. You become an explorer of the world around you from the sub-atomic to the inter-galactic, from communication to the masses to one's innermost thoughts. You too will be able to experience the excitement of discovering something nobody has ever seen before.

Why Get Involved in Undergraduate Research?

Why should research, scholarly, or creative activities be part of your undergraduate career? The studies that define undergraduate research as a high Impact practice will tell you that you'll learn more, understand your major better, be happier here at TAMU, and be more likely to graduate. You'll figure out what you like to do and what direction you want to go in once you graduate. You'll develop productive professional relationships with faculty, providing you with more informed and detailed letters of recommendation which will help you get scholarships, jobs, international opportunities, and admission to graduate and professional programs.
But the real reason to do research? Because it's fun!

Participating in undergraduate research allows students to learn more about their future professional field, to participate in a scholarly community of like-minded students, and to develop a close working relationship with acclaimed faculty that can lead to scholarships, internships, jobs, international opportunities and admission to top graduate and professional programs.  Perhaps most importantly, engaging in undergraduate research allows students to experience the excitement of creating new knowledge, solving cutting-edge problems and developing new insights—life skills that are increasingly important in our world.


Getting Started in Undergraduate Research

How do students start this journey? By partnering with the world-renowned faculty here at Texas A&M, or faculty and staff at institutions, companies, and foundations all over the world. Every year thousands of Aggies conduct research, scholarly, or creative projects under the guidance of and in collaboration with Texas A&M faculty. Undergraduate research experience can be more piece of the "puzzle" of optimizing your competitiveness for graduate school, professional programs, or employment. LAUNCH: Undergraduate Research provides resources to help you get started: